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TDK EB900 Review

In 1990’s, the products with the TDK brand were very popular. After a while, they disappeared from the market. Again, the TDK products are back now with the EB900 earphones. The EB900 is released at the right time in order to be a challenging device to the MetroFi 220 and the Klipsch S4 earphones. The package of the EB900 includes the earphones, a set of 3 pairs of ear buds made of Silicone, Comply T400 foam tips and a carry pouch.


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated
  • Driver: 8.5 mm micro drivers
  • Form Factor: in-ear
  • Input Sensitivity: 101.5 dB/mW
  • Cable Length: 4 feet
  • Price: $80


The EB900 earphones are has a curve shaped design profile which is very unique with the in-ear earphones. The earphones is easy and very comfortable to use. We are very sure to lose our attention after taking a glance at the device. The shells of the device feature a matte plastic texture with a shiny finish. The vents on the rear side and the nozzles are covered with metal grilles. The surface beneath the shells has a rubber strain relief. The 4 feet cable that connects the ear buds with the 3.5 mm gold plated plug has a striped nylon sheath coating. The earphones exhibits the driver flex. The shape of the ear buds is good in order to ease the process of insertion and removal of the ear phones. the strain relief can either be worn or it can be looped with the cable. However, the cable is quite light weight and it can slip off from the ears as a result of any vigorous action. The inclusion of a cloth clip is preferred.


The in-ear form factor offers the noise cancellation feature usually. The EB900 has passive noise cancellation which requires some custom equalization. The music is flat but the earphones produces good mid range sound. The treble is muddled which is improved to bright treble tones with the activation of the treble boosting equalization. The music sounds with good mid ranges and thumping bass. There are no cackles even in the higher volume ranges. The sound stage cannot be extended broadly and this might be disappointing to some of the consumers. The ear tips block the noise completely which is helpful in listening to all the ranges clearly. The quality of sound produced is too fantastic but it is completely devoid of the noise with the excellent noise cancellation feature. The users can customize the music with required equalization.


The EB900 is good and affordable with a clean sound output. It has comfortable ear tips made of foam and a protective carry pouch. In the absence of the music, the sound produced by the rubbing of the user’s clothes with the cord is heard and the durability is not too great. Overall, the EB900 is a good earphones when compared with the other expensive models that are available.

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One Response to "TDK EB900 Review"

  1. Qba says:

    I’ve got this headphones after EP-630 and SoundMagic PL-11, and I must tell this is the best bass dock headphones i ever heard.
    Really try eb-900 in dubstep, dancehall etc. a lot of bass. MY lovely bass ;)

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