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Motorola Photon is all about power and speed!

Sprint although rules the smartphone market from 2010, it lacked partnership with the Motorola in giving out higher end smartphones, which is now done. Yes, Sprint partners with Motorola by debuting yet another Android beast, the Motorola Photon. Photon is also Sprints’ first smartphone featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Undoubtedly, Android has the dominant position in the Smartphone share, especially in the US market for which some credit goes to Sprint as it was wholly focused on Smartphones last year. More than 50% of Sprint phones are Smartphones of which 70% is Android. Sprint said that this partnership with Motorola is a promise to offer customers the best ever smartphone. We cannot come to a conclusion on this until we have the final device on hand but however we can get an overall idea on the phone with the launch device which was not a final product however, and all the features it included. Go, read ahead and check it out.

What new on Motorola Photon?

Motorola Photon is the first ever 4G Word phone available from any of the US carriers. You can now roam world wide as both GSM and CDMA technologies are in built.

Design, Connectivity option and Features:

Motorola Photon although features a magnificent 4.3-inch display, it is comfortable to hold, all thanks to Motorola for such a sleek design. The flat edges at the corners doesn’t mean that Motorola has given it a masculine design but it looks like more importance is given to comfort when holding as we can place our thumb.

The phone has a dedicated camera button and volume controls with raised edges. These buttons were not easily to access, however it was not the final product. The phone also features the HDMI port and micro SD card slot on the left spine of the phone while on top of the phone is the display lock button and the headphone jack.

Photon at the demo launch featured a 8MP camera with a built in flash which leaves  our mouth open but it all end up looking at the just the VGA camera up front. The rear camera will be capable of recording 720p video while you can transfer a 1080p video through the HDMI cable to watch the same on a big screen. Motorola photon is the first ever smartphone to include a kickstand which when flipped open, the display goes to landscape mode automatically. The kickstand is sure to be loved by movie lovers as they can just leave the phone on the table while enjoying watching videos on the big display. External memory can be expanded up to 32 GB while what’s exciting is its on board memory of 16GB which gives you a total of 48GB data storage. The final product will be running on the Gingerbread 2.3, will include the corporate email access in addition to personal which was one of many Motorola’s aim before designing it and finally it will include the Sprint ID, a great achievement by Sprint. Sprint ID will help you customize your phone with widgets and ringtones like the way you want.

You can check out the press release here.

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