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Motorola ES400S review


Motorola ES400S is a business centric phone, which can take care your daily business tasks. Motorola ES400S is EDA (Enterprise Digital assistant) phone which can help for people those who are in retail, sales & service and health care. If you want to buy this phone, you must purchase only through business account.

Keeping in the mind that this is a business phone Motorola ES400S is loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5. Motorola ES400S is still using Windows Mobile 6.5 instead of new Windows Phone 7 because, still the corporate and IT world has the old version of Exchange and windows so Windows Phone 6.5 would be compatible with most of the applications which are still been used. It’s of course disappointing that, just because it is a business phone and thinking in business point of view the phone is still lagging in the operating system upgrade.

Apart from this, Motorola ES400S looks like a decent Smartphone. This rugged phone built for the robust use. The smart phone also has enhanced the security by adding the biometric fingerprint scanner. This wouldn’t be a consumer smartphone. The price of this business phone starts from $499 or with 2 year agreement this would cost you around $549.


The Motorola ES400S has quite substantial body in today’s phone standards. Its dimension is 5.08 x 2.38 x 0.67 inches (length x breadth x thick) and it weighs 5.5 ounces. The massive size due to the rubberized padding to make it rugged and military certified. This phone can hold a 4 foot drop and a 3 foot drop in concrete covered by vinyl and can keep up vibrations. This smart phone will survive the temperature from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degree Fahrenheit.

This phone has got a 3 inch touch WVGA display and has screen resolution of 640×480 pixels and supports 262,000 colors. The Motorola ES400S has a super Bright 750+ NITS screen; this shows it is enormously luminous and bright. The graphics are vibrant and texts are crisp enough to read. The built in accelerometer helps you to rotate the screen when ever you rotate the phone.

Inside it Motorola ES400S is loaded with Windows 6.5.3 Professional edition. It has the main menu similar to honey comb and home screen can be customized and to open the applications you must tap on the information bar in the top. This professional edition has some extra feature beyond normal phones. The home screen has many pen tiles which are shortcuts for messages, contacts, calendar and email.

Below the display there is navigation array, which consists of call and end key, OK key, a barcode scanner key, and optical touch pad right in the middle of all keys. The barcode scanner will work only if the barcode application is open. The camera acts as the barcode scanner. There is QWERTY keyboard below which is quite easy to use because the keys are doomed and can get easy hand on it

On the left side of the phone there are jacks for charger and headset and also a programmable button which can also act as PUSH to talk key and every thing is covered be rubber flap to shield it from water. At the right side there are camera button and the Volume rocker. On the top power button and at the back there are Camera and LED flash light. At behind you can also see the biometric fingerprint scanner. To use this you must get through the Locking wizard which is in setting menu. It will ask to scan your finger for 5 times and later you can unlock either by scanning finger or entering password.There is a microSD card slot expandable upto 32 GB and also a simcard slot behind the battery cover.

This also has all the features of windows mobile, that includes Microsoft’s My Phone backup service, Internet Explorer Mobile,Windows Live, MSN Messenger, MSN Weather, Microsoft Office Mobile suite, MSN Moneyand bing. It also supports calendar, e-mail, contacts and tasks via your company’s Exchange server. All this is donethrough Microsoft Push technology. This supports GSM, CDMA, 3G and 3.5G services.

This also has windows media player which supports audio format such as MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, MPEG4, MIDI, WMV, H.263 and H.264.Motorola ES400S has 3.2 MP camera. And the color and the images were dull.

The sound clarity and the loudness of phone were good. But had a distortion while speaking in busy street with other caller. The battery life was 6 hours of talktime and has a standby time of 12days.


This is good Smart Phone those who are working in corporate environment.


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  1. Abie says:

    The ES400 is a semi-rugged mobile phone…it doesn’t get close to the CS40 from Intermec. Go check out the CS40…sleek, sexy, much more rugged and the beez neez when it comes to small form factor real ruggedness for real life applications…

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