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Laptop Dock for Motorola Atrix4G

The Motorola’s laptop dock looks like MacBook Air and Adamo in thickness. This is a thin device with Motorola Atrix 4G as a controller. The sleek dock is made up of black metal and brushed with soft touch plastic. This dock is smaller and thinner then all the notebook which are presently present in market. Laptop dock weighs just 2.4 pounds. This dock is prone to attract fingerprints since this has the metallic body. Behind the laptop dock, u can find a place to rest for the phone. This has the stylish look and brilliant quality like Apple’s MacBook Air and Dell’s Adamo. The smartphone actually is brain of the dock, without Motorola Atrix 4G the Dock is like a man without life.

The screen size of the dock is 11.5-inch and has a resolution of 1366×768.  The keyboard is full checlet keyboard and has a large trackpad with 2 buttons to navigate whole desktop comfortably. There are two USB ports and a power jack at backside. On the front side of the laptop there is a battey indicator which can be turned on by a small button, which is similar to MacBook Pro.

When Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone plugged in the Dock gears up with the Webtop OS, which looks same as Ubantu. The dock is mainly acts a battery it also acts as a charger for phone. Motorola claims that the dock has impressive eight to ten hours of battery life, when tested; the battery life was accurate which was quite noteworthy and impressive.

The design of the dock is pretty solid and handsome, but it would be bit frustrating when used. This not only because of the Webtop OS it’s also because of Trackpad which would be the main issue. The trackpad is single touch this means we can’t scroll a big webpage. And the mouse button is also bit stiff.

The price of the dock is whooping $400, which is more. With addition of $200 you can get a nice laptop which has all features and more friendly OS like Windows 7

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