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How to remove Internet Explorer from windows

In this tutorial we will take you through the steps on how to remove the Internet explorer option from your computer. I don’t think it is necessary for you to retain IE on your computer if you are using other different browsers, and we know that IE is one of the easy and somewhat unsecured browser to use which provides an easy opportunity for hackers who can get access to your personal information and can be misused, as we know IE is vulnerable to malware and spyware attacks while using it.

So some of you would have tried to delete the Internet explorer System file but it ends up displaying a message which says “you do not have permission to perform this action

Or it may also display “You require permission from trusted installer in order to perform this action” depending upon the windows edition you are using, but here we have a solution on how to get this permission and later you can remove the IE from your PC.

Below given are the instructions for how to get trusted installer permission on your computer which enables to delete Internet Explorer system files.


  1. Go to:  My computer>> C:Drive>>Program files>> Right Click on Internet Explorer and select Properties.
  2. Now click Security tab and then celebrity gossip click Advanced.
  3. Now click on Owner tab under which it displays current owner.
  4. If the current owner is displays as Trusted installer, the windows doesn’t permit you to delete the IE system files. To change the current owner, click on the Edit option and choose the Administrator or the account (the one with which you have logged into the PC).
  5. Now check the option Replace owner on sub containers and objects, this enables you to delete more number of files present in a folder. After this Click OK, this changes the current owner to the one, which you selected.
  6. Just keep on clicking OK on other windows which are open until you get IE Properties tab.
  7. Now once again repeat the second step by clicking on Security but do not select Advanced option, rather than that click Edit option.
  8. Now select the Username in the below given group which should be same as the one which you chose earlier as the current owner. Incase if the user name is not displayed in the group, then you have to click on Add, and type the name, after this click OK.
  9. Once you are done with the above step, make sure to check the Allow Box for Full Control option as shown below, this will automatically check all the boxes.
  10. Now click OK two times which takes you back to Windows Explorer. That’s it now you have successfully gained the permission to delete the Internet Explorer files present in Program files.
  11. After this once again go to :  My computer>> C: Drive>>Program files>> Internet Explorer, now select the files present inside the Internet Explorer folder and delete them, after you delete these files will be present in Recycle bin which you can restore later whenever it is necessary.
  12. Once you delete the files, the IE feature will be disabled on your Windows and will be removed from it. But as I said earlier whenever it is necessary you can access it back by restoring the files which are present in recycle bin, so make sure to just delete and send those files to recycle bin.
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  1. sean says:

    you wouldnt want to delete ie you will get problems with windows later.

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