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How to open/edit Word and Pdf Documents in Apple iPad

Working with Documents is a very important task in our life and to work with documents I am explaining you with three options in the below example. These are iWork, Good Reader and Docs to Go. Let’s see the detailed function of all these Apps including it’s Prons and Cons.

The First App to come into this category is the App from Apple which is “iWorks”. iWork has three tools to work with our documents, they are:

1)      Pages

2)      Numbers

3)      Keynote

All these Apps are together called as “iWorks Suite”. Let’s see the detailed explanation and cost analysis of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.


Pages Application is used to Open Text and Microsoft Word files. These are the extensions it support .docx, .doc and .Txt. The Following is a Screenshot from regarding the features of Pages App.


Numbers Application is used to open Microsoft Excel Spread Sheets. These are the extensions it support .xlsx and .xls . The following is a Screenshot from regarding the features of Numbers App.


Keynote Application is used to open Microsoft Power Point Presentations. These are the extensions it support .pptx and .ppt . The Following is a ScreenShot from regarding the features of Keynote App.

The Functionality of these Apps are limited and they totally cost $30. There are lots of disadvantages when compared to advantages with these Apps. Cost is also the Major factor which make this App to not to Purchase and use.

Detailed Pricing Analysis:

Each App Pages, Numbers and Keynote costs you $9.99 and thus they totally cost $30.

These are the screen shots gathered from the iTunes Store to inform you about the pricing details. Now I will show you a lot cheaper and much better option to deal with your documents.  Those are

1)      Good Reader

2)      Documents To Go

Each of these Apps are available in the Apples App store. These are a lot cheaper and offer much wider functionality than iWork Suite. Now let’s see about Good Reader.

Good Reader:

Good Reader is the ultimate tool to use for PDF files. Good Reader can display a wide variety of documents ranging from Microsoft Office Documents, Html, Safari Web archives, Pdf and Text files and even Audio and video files. So as you can see it’s lot better than the Pages and Numbers Apps as they support many more extensions.  In the Latest version just released in Feb 10, 2011 we have got some more exciting features like better organizing and better synchronization with Applications like iDisk, and Drop Box.

Let’s see in Depth Analysis of Good Reader App.

Let’s open a Word Document with Good reader in our iPad. To open a document in Good Reader you should Tap and Hold on the document icon and then you will be shown a pop up, in that pop up select “Open In” and then choose to open with “Good Reader”.

So the file now will be opened with Good reader.

To get More Options regarding the opened file, select “My Documents” from the top bar as shown in the image below.

When you click on the “My Documents” you will directly taken to the Good Readers interface screen where you will find a whole lot of options. Please see the below image.

As you can see you can find Different Options to manage your files they are:

1)      Find Files

2)      Manage Files

3)      Web Downloads

4)      Connect to Servers.

You can select the Document to get a Preview and you can also select whether or not to give you the preview by choosing form the options “ON” and “OFF” From the Top left Menu. Now let’s see all the four options available in Good Reader in detail.

Find Files – You can find different files in your iPad through this function. It’s nothing but a search.

Manage Files – If you select the Manage Files option, you can find a bunch of options as shown in the below figure and you can arrange them according to your needs.

Web Downloads – In this option you can see the files you downloaded to your iPad with your 3G and Wi-Fi Connection.

Connect to Servers – This option let’s you connect to various services like Drop Box, iDisk and Mobile me to share your files Online.

Draw Back:

The Problem with the Good Reader App is you cannot edit the documents regardless of it’s type. This App is used only to display different types of Documents, Audio and Video.  So if you want to edit the documents then you will need a App Called “Documents to Go”.

Documents to Go:

As said above this App is used for Editing Different types of documents. If you download and install this App on your iPad and open it then you will find a whole lot of options to edit the documents as shown in the below image.

There are a lot of tools and options as you can see in the below image to edit the documents. With Docs to Go you will able to View, Edit and Create even your existing documents. You can do this with all documents like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. You can view PDF files, but you cannot edit them.

You can synchronize this app with all the sharing platforms/Applications  like Google Docs, Drop Box, iDisk, Sugarsync and as shown in the below figure.

With all the above applications in use you will be attach files to your mails and can use or download them anywhere remotely. This is really a great feature. If you forget anything then you get it online instantly without any hassle. This app also synchronizes with your iTunes to transfer your files to Your PC.

Cost Analysis:

You can get the “Good Reader” and “Docs to Go” Apps for a Price of $20 ($16.99 + $2.99). You can get all the functionalities of the iWork suite with both these Apps and You will also get a Additional Functionality of opening Audio and Video Files with Good Reader App which is not Available in the iWorks and the most important this that You can save $10.

Now it’s decision to go for iWorks Suite or the Combo of Good Reader and Docs to Go. Remember if you go for the Combo then you will get Additional Functionalities with a saving of $10.

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4 Responses to "How to open/edit Word and Pdf Documents in Apple iPad"

  1. iPad.user says:

    Another important aspect: file management.  Good Reader allows you to create folders and sub folders, Docstogo doesnt. But can someone please tell me how to move file back and forth from DocsToGo (where I edit the file) and Good Reader (where I store the file)

    • Bharath Gurram says:

      Hello iPad.User

      You can acheive it though the manage files option in good reader, but if You want to access the files anywhere then you have to use services like DropBox and Mobile me to achieve it. DropBox gives you a free storage of 2GB so register for a free account and try it. Hope this helps…….

  2. Michell says:

    Excellent Tip. 5 Star Rating For you………

  3. Joseph says:

    Awesome Tip. I unnecessarily bought iWork Suite for $30. If you had published this article 15 Days before i would have saved my money.

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