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How to manage memory and applications on Samsung Galaxy phones

In this tutorial we will guide you on how to deal with the memory usage, active applications, memory availability, application management and its removal. Many users who are new to the use of android phones and Samsung galaxy phones face difficulties with phone memory management and its application, this is due to improper closing of applications and installation of unknown apps on their device, so usually they look for an application on android market, for example a TASK KILLER application. But there is an alternate way by which you can handle these operations on your phone itself without downloading any new app for this purpose.

If you just navigate the menu items on your Samsung galaxy phones you will be able to look for an icon called TASK MANAGER, and this is available by default on your device which is installed by the manufacturers. This is app is something similar to what you have in Windows based operating systems which enables you to carry different functions on like end the active applications running in back ground, android package removal, RAM management and also to check memory in use. Below given are some of the useful steps which help you to deal with your device memory.

  • There are some of the applications on our phone which run in background or may not be closed completely which in turn consumes battery and RAM available on your phone, so whenever you press home button in the middle of an app it remain in as active running application on the device hence as I said earlier you can go to TASK MANAGER, once you open it you can see it displays the number of active applications running which you can stop by selecting the END ALL, this force closes all the apps running, this also allows you to close apps individually.
  • The task manager also enables you to uninstall application on your phone, to access this option, open the task manager and you can see a tab called PACKAGE next to the “active apps”. Once you click on ‘package’ it displays all the apps installed on your device, where you can uninstall any unwanted app, which in turn helps you to clear RAM and memory on your phone. To remove an app just click UNINSTALL and OK, this automatically removes all the contents of the selected application.
  • As I said earlier there are some applications which run in background and this may sometimes lead to slower processing of you device, this usually happens with Samsung galaxy models like; POP, ACE, FIT, GIO due to less availability of RAM. But you also have an option to clear RAM memory on your device. For this go to task manager and select RAM screen next to package and you have a tab there which says clear memory, this also display the amount of RAM available in MB’s.

That’s it these are some of the tips easily accessible on your Samsung galaxy phones for memory management. Last but not the least, to check the space available on your SD card and internal storage, go to SETTINGS on your phone and select “SD card and phone storage” which displays enough information for you to understand.

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One Response to "How to manage memory and applications on Samsung Galaxy phones"

  1. riz says:

    that much we know but t t t t t………
    some apps get automatically active and try to access interner so is there any way or app that can prevent that. For this we have to look for task killer.
    it shows more memory occupying than actual apps installed for example if total apps of of 100 mb of are installed than it shows more than that in task manager.
    so do u have any answer or solution to this problems.

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