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How to increase the speed of your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

Do you think your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 has decreased in its processing speed due to installation of many android applications? Yes it’s true; this is because some of the applications you have installed on your phone will be constantly running on background

And as we know all the applications you have downloaded and installed on your device requires some amount of RAM from the processor due to which your devise becomes slow and doesn’t give that faster response. But do not worry, it is now possible for you to increase your device processing speed with a tool called Voodoo Lag fix. In this tutorial we will walk you through the steps on how to in crease the speed of your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. But before you go through this tutorial, let me tell you this procedure only works with Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, so please make sure that you don’t experiment this tutorial on any other devices, or else it will result in bricking and the device will be of no more use. Its better if you go through below given Pre- procedure instructions thoroughly before you start using this Voodoo Lag Fix tool for your device speed up.

  • Voodoo Lag Fix can be installed to the devices which are updated with latest firmware, and with this program your phone will be capable of accessing higher speed which is greater than the speed of the devices which are in stock mode.
  • The Voodoo Lag Fix tool is used to enhance the speed of Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000, this is due to additional growth in its quadrant scores. Usually the measure of quadrant score on a device in its stock state is around 1150, but with Voodoo Lag Fix facility, the quadrant score is incremented up to 1450, that is around 300 quadrant scores greater compared to your stock version.
  • Before you start downloading this tool on your PC , once you go through the whole article, so that you will get a neat idea on what changes you are going to make with your device and also you can get yourself prepared for the actual procedure.
  • Make sure to back up all your phone data which includes contacts, call logs, messages, applications, important files and folders, images and other multimedia files. You can back up either by using an application like titanium back up or by copying all the files to your PC or your SD card.
  • NOTE: To install Voodoo Lag Fix it is not necessary for the device to be rooted, this tool can also be used with unrooted or stock version phones.
  • The Voodoo Lag fix needs only the latest firmware update on your phone, for it to process so ensure that you have latest celebrity news Froyo update on your device.
  • Check your battery charge status on your phone and make sure it is charged more than 60%, so that low battery doesn’t lead to any kind of interruption or difficulties in the middle of the process.

Steps to install Voodoo Lag fix on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000:

1. First you have to download the Voodoo Lag Fix to your PC, and save it in a new folder for easy access or you can also save it to desktop.

2. Now download the Odin 1.3 tool to your PC.

3. Now engage your phone to its Downloading mode. To enter download mode, first switch off the phone, once it is turned off press and hold DOWN VOLUME key+MENU key+POWER ON key simultaneously. This will switch the phone to download mode and you can see picture of android logo inside yellow triangle with a shovel. (This is just an idea to indicate downloading mode.)

4.      Now open the downloaded and extracted Odin tool in the second step, once you open the tool you can see a pop up screen showing several different tabs like PIT, PDA etc.

5.      Now click on PDA option and select the Voodoo file which you downloaded in the 1st step.

6.      Ensure that only PDA is checked and other tab like PIT is unchecked. Because we are not using the PIT option here, we need only PDA to be activated.

7.      Connect your phone to your PC or to which you have download the files via USB cable. Now once your phone is detected in odin tool, it is indicated showing up of yellow colored bar.

8.      Now click on the START option in Odin tool, after which your reboots after few seconds, and wait until your phone restarts again after installation and this may take few minutes, in the mean time you can have a cup of tea but don’t unplug the cable until the process is finished.

9.      After your phone restarts you can go ahead and select the option to wipe the cache memory, after this you can select the reboot option to start your phone freshly with the new Voodoo Lag Fix installed on it.

10.  Now to check your enhanced quadrant score on the phone you can download an application called Quadrant.apk which is an android and install it to your phone, which will show the scores of your phone to be 1450 and more, which is very much greater than stock.

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