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How to Brush the Teeth?


There are some areas in which we operate each day and it also becomes a part of our everyday routine. But still we do fail to carry out those obligations in a very proper way. One area of such kind is brushing the teeth. All human beings start brushing our teeth right from a very early age and it has became a routine for us to brush twice a day. Despite of this most of us are prone to develop some severe problems related to the mouth. The main idea to avoid these problems in the mouth lies in the brushing of the teeth in a regular and proper way.

Primarily, the brush must be of a regular size so that it is able to cover the entire area of the mouth. This is followed by the quality of the tooth brush. The brush should be soft and good. A good and effective toothpaste is also part of the better tooth care as it as to fight against the germs present in the mouth effectively.
The main point lies in the manner in which we brush our teeth meaning the motion in which we move the tooth brush. The tooth brush must move in a circular motion instead of a push and pull motion. The circular motion is more effective in the removal of the bits of the food pieces that are stuck in the gums and in the teeth. It should also be noted that merely brushing the teeth with a toothbrush and tooth brush will not help, when you brush your teeth you should also remember that  one should also gargle proper so that all the remains in the mouth is properly washed out, leaving you with a fresh and secured feeling every time you brush your teeth.


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