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Habits that can Damage the Skin

Each and every individual desires to possess a beautiful and a glowing skin.  They should be spending lot of money and time in order to achieve it. To have a smooth and supple skin, one has to take proper care of the skin else he/she has to say a big goodbye to the beautiful skin. The common habits that can cause damage to the skin are listed below.

1.    Lack of use of Sunscreen

The sunscreen is highly important in all the seasons. In summer, the sunscreen helps in protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and in the winter the sun rays are reflected from the snow and hence the skin is doubly exposed to sun rays. In winter, the sunscreen helps in protecting the skin from the double exposure to the sun rays. The sun rays can cause damage to the Elastic Fiber of the skin which can thereby cause the wrinkles and the dark spots.

2.    Drinking lot of Alcohol:

Drinking about a glass of Red Wine every day provides the required amount of the Antioxidants that are good for the skin but lot of Alcohol can be very harmful to the skin. The alcohol causes dehydration, dryness and wrinkles on the skin.

3.    Lack of Proper Sleep:

The lack of sleep can cause the body to produce the stress hormones. The Stress Hormones create the dark circles under the Eyes. These hormones also make the skin appear dull and puffy. Proper sleep provides a beautiful and a glowing skin by preventing the wrinkles.

4.    Cigarette Smoking:

Smoking decreases the Oxygen flow in the skin. It is also responsible to speedup the process of aging. It can make the skin complexion to become dull. The smoking creates the fine lines around the mouth. The chain smokers will look about 10 years older than their actual age.

5.    Sleeping with Makeup:

Whenever you apply makeup, do forget to wash that off before going to bed.  The makeup can result in blocked pores and breakouts on the surface of the skin thereby making it look dry.

6.    Skin Exfoliation:

The skin requires exfoliation once in every week. Lot of exfoliations such as more than once or twice in a week is not good for the skin. It will wipe away the oil which is required by the skin in order to make it glow.

7.    Foods that is not good for the Skin:

Foods with lot of salt are not good as the salt dehydrates the skin.  Use of lot of sugar can also cause the wrinkles on the skin. Increase the addition of fresh vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. A well balanced diet will definitely in making your skin glow.

8.    Extreme Loss or Gain of Weight:

Too much of loss of gain of weight in a fast manner is not at all good for the skin. This is because this activity will weaken the Fiber of the skin. T6his can in turn cause premature aging and also create stretch marks and fine lines on the skin.

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