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Chocolate can reduce the Blood Pressure

About half a century ago, there was a research conducted in order to find out the changes in the level of blood pressure due to the in take of tea and cocoa. The researchers have also found that the intake of cocoa helps in reducing the blood pressure level while there is no effect on the blood pressure due to tea. They also suggest that the particular type of the procyanids and polyphenol present in the cocoa products are quite active in preventing the heart disease. This effect is more than that which is produced by the flavonoids.

In a recent research, the dark chocolate was found to reduce the blood pressure in the people who suffer from hypertension. This research has also found that the level of the LDL or the bad cholesterol in these people is also reduced to about 90 percent. The cocoa is also found to have effects that are capable of protecting the heart. The people who take in a diet that is rich in polyphenol such as dark chocolates and cocoa powder possess a higher concentration of the good cholesterol or the HDL when compared to the others.

It is great news to know that the chocolate contains ingredients that are quite beneficial to the health. But this fact does not mean that we should start eating lot of chocolates. The chocolate candies and the bars are quite rich in fat, calories and sugar. It is not harmful to take in a small piece of chocolate once in a while. In case you like to add foods that contain more anti-oxidant properties, then include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. The whole grains are also good as they are rich in fiber and vitamin content while being low in calories.

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