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Team Viewer: An app to access your computer from Android mobile phone.

Team viewer is an android phone application which enables you to access and control your computer and laptop from your android phone. This application is freely available on android market through which you can use and access files , data etc from the phone, this helps you when you are away from your PC and you are in need of some documents, mails, data or media. Through this you can help your friends and family members if they are facing any difficulties while using the computer, just imagine you doing this from a place where you are not able to reach the PC and getting this resolved just by using your phone. This android app allows you to get most of what you do usually on your PC, like document reference and editing, use of media files and software tools access. Team viewer lets you to remotely log in to other computers also, but for this you have to be also running the same application on that PC. Let me tell you about a simple feature which can be controlled on PC using mobile version of team viewer, once you open this app on your phonw you can see several different icons like mouse, settings, keyboard, zoo etc. Now just by sinle tap on settings option you will be able to select actions such as; Reboot remote computer, Block remote user input, Ctrl+Alt+Del etc.Only access to private computers as you should enter the Team viewer ID and password before you can get access to it.

Features of Team Viewer:

  1. Compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.
  2. Complete mouse and key board controls.
  3. Provides Security.
  4. Both automatic and manual screen resolution adjustment.
  5. Runs on Android 1.6 and above versions.

Team viewer is now one of the best remote desktop controllers available in market, which includes latest enhancements like multiple language options and Tutorial, other bug fixes.


Some of the instructions you need to follow while using on your phone, these are the gestures you use while controlling the mouse cursor.


  • Mouse pointer can be moved by simple finger drag.
  • Click can be made by a finger tap.
  • 2 continuous finger taps for right click options.
  • Use both 2 fingers to move up and down Scroll.
  • Normal pinch gesture for zoom in and out.
  •  To drag – double tap the item and hold it.

How to use Team viewer app ?


  1. First you have to download and install Team Viewer app to your phone from android market.
  2. Download and install the computer version to PC which you wish to have access.
  3. Now open the app on your android phone and type in the Teamviewre ID and Password of your PC, that’s it now you can access the computer screen display on your phone screen through you can use.
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