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Where to Buy Prado Electronic Cigarette

Are you sick of looking at the “no smoking” boards? Are your near and dear ones not happy with your smoking practice? Are you looking for an eco-friendly cigarette?

Prado has brought you the chance not to feel sick of looking at the “no smoking” sign boards. You no more have to feel ashamed of smoking in front of people complaining about your smoking practice. The modern technology based electronic cigarette is the first of its kind. You need not even worry about disposing the ashes or hiding the smoke. You need not leave your desk for smoking. You can smoke anywhere you want without leaving your desk.

Experts suggest to discard cigarette just because of the harmful effects of nicotine and tobacco. Why to avoid it when it has neither of these harmful substances. People get addicted to smoking just because of the sense of nicotine.  Manufacturers did understand the fact and at last formulated this scientific device, which can provide you the sense of nicotine. It lets you enjoy every sense of the normal cigarettes not letting you suffer its harmful effects.

It has all kinds of filtering procedure that neither has ashes nor bad smoke. It has the following parts that make your smoking procedure easier:

• Stainless steel atomizer

• A filter- to purify your cigarette

• USB charger- to charge it anywhere, and anytime you wish to

• A rechargeable lithium battery- to hold up the charge for longer time

• Tobacco flavor cartridges- to let you sense tobacco

It’s the best opportunity for you to get the miraculous electronic cigarette. You can get Prado by ordering it online on its official website. So, fear no more about what others think of your smoking. Enjoy smoking at bar, office, hotels wherever you like.

Click Here to Get Prado E-Cig

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13 Responses to "Where to Buy Prado Electronic Cigarette"

  1. Brett says:

    the number is 877-647-3735

  2. Brett says:

    Once I figured out how to use it it was fine. I am using it with chantix and after 4 days smoking regular cigarettes rarely cross my mind. The people that are complaining don’t really want to give up the regular cigarettes

  3. hgl08 says:

    can someone tell me how to get in touch with this company!!!!!!

  4. Chris says:

    This company is a huge scam!!!!! I placed my free trial, but canceled it right after i read all of your posts and sure enough they where trying to do the same thing to me. What happens is that after the 14 days (which it is impossible to send it back in time to them) they atomaticaly sign you up for the starter kit which costs (and heres the kicker) 149.90. Thats how this company gets you. I am very happy that i read what you all said. You have all saved me a great deal of money. Thank you very much.

  5. Dawn says:

    I too gave in to the “free trial” and received my prado cig in the mail along with a $140 some dollar charge to my checking acount, I called and got no help. Cancelled my “free trial offer” and kept the e-cig. I chalked it up to experience, but wonder now that I am using it, where can I buy the refills? Dont dare to contact this company again! Any suggustions? I have quit now for 4 days and dont have any cravings, so this is working for me, although I am using the patch as well. I have to admit, I yelled and swore at the young women on the phone and asked her how she slept at night and if her mother knew where she was working and how she was treating people!

  6. ATTENTION: PURCHASERS OF PRADO, SMOKEFREELY OR OTHER E-CIGARETTE TRIAL OFFER PRODUCTS–We are a law firm with attorneys admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New York, District of Columbia, Georgia and West Virginia. We have also appeared in matters in latest celebrity news California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and elsewhere. We are interested in hearing about potential wrongfully charged credit cards or debit cards arising from the purchase of trial offer e-cigarette products which were supposed to be mailed to the buyer for $0.00 plus $9.95 or $14.95 for “shipping and handling”. We understand from this board and other sources that purchasers of the $0.00 trial offer were subsequently charged $149.90 and then $69.90 every month for e-cigarette cartridges they did not believe they had ever requested. We may be able to represent you in a lawsuit against the responsible parties. There would be no fee to you unless there is a recovery. Please contact me at the email address indicated to discuss your potential claim.

    • Jimmy Angelo says:

      I am interested in the law suite against this company. I didn’t even have time to test the product before being charged the 89.99 for the product and then they charge me 69.90 for the refills when they should be way less. They’ve promised me a $100.00 certificate to make up for the $69.99 charge but never came through. I contacted them numerous time about this but they are just giving me the go around.

  7. stephen says:

    Wish I could rate a -10. Their cigarette is garbage and company is shaddy. First cigarette I received wouldn’t charge. The second cigarette charged but didn’t produce any vapor. Called to return and they gave me a return number and RMA number and agreed to refund me $40 (not full amount). Called back today to check on status of refund and they tried to tell me I agreeed to a discounted monthly refill agreement for $39.00 in exchange for $40 refund to send cigarette back. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? They hung up on me twice. The last time I was still trying to talk to them and- click! Will haev to cancel checking account just so they stop billing my card. RIP OFF!

  8. Lea Lounds says:

    was lead to believe that our bill would be a total of $24.85. found out yesterday on November 17 2010 that another bill of $149.90 was taken out of our account without our permission and without our knowledge, it caused us not to have enough for our rent money and now we face eviction because of this if we do not come up with the rest of the money. My husband has yet to receive his confirmation email for the Prado e-cigg. We were told that we would have 14 days to return the product if we were unhappy with it, when we tried we were told that we only had 10 days to return the product not the 14 days that we were informed we had. Too boot, we found out that the costumer service phone line/office is only open till 4:30pm and are closed on the weekends, what kind of costumer service is that I ask? When you do call you get laughed at, they refuse to let you speak to the supervisor and tell you to call back, when you do call back at the time your told, you are yet again told that you can not speak to the supervisor and to call back again, and every time you do this you get the same reply “you can not talk to my supervisor at the moment, please call back in an hour” You get hung up on by the so called costumer service they wont give you their names or reference codes, they wont give you the supervisors name either or a phone number to contact the supervisor as well. Someone needs to contact me ASAP about this, my husband and I not only want our money back but we need it back to pay our rent!!!!! and we want to be compensated for the $29.00 fee for our rent check that bounced, it is only fair and just because none of this would have happened if the company was HONEST and upfront and did not rip us off and hit us with a $149.90 fee out of nowhere and we want to be compensated for the $24.85 originally spent on the Prado and we will send the damn thing back to you. Contact me ASAP, you have my email here is my phone number 860-885-4466 I am expecting someone of authority to contact me soon and fast.
    thank you
    P.S how can anyone agree to the terms and conditions if there is no such box for us to click on that says I agree? and how can we even read the terms and agreements when the page jumps to the next page without a warning, it just skips right ahead…oooh and having the words TERMS AND AGREEMENTS in dark charcoal gray on a black background is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. You promise 100% satisfaction Guaranteed….FALSE I am a 100% unsatisfied as is my husband, our neighbor and his wife and THOUSANDS of people that I have found online. in your disclaimer they talk about how they rely on honesty…HA what a joke….what honesty I ask? When you call customer service why are we not allowed to talk to a supervisor? why are we not allowed to know who owns the company and the website? why are we not allowed to know who the board of trustees are or the CEO? Why are we not allowed to know who the company and website is licensed through?
    I wonder if you have ever heard of False Advertisement and that you CAN be sued for that to? If I do not receive satisfactory answers and result I will press charges, contact the media, and get lawyers and file a class action suit against Prado. I will kick up a storm and cause a fuss over this until I receive results. And I hope that Prado realizes that it is my right as a citizen and a customer to speak with a supervisor when asked, it is my right to know who is the owner and where the company is licensed through and who is on the board of trustees and that if refused only gives me more ground for a class action suit. If it has to go that far not only will you end up having to pay for the $203.75 owed to my husband and I, but you will end up having to pay for all the legal fees as well.
    Hope to hear from someone soon, yours truly

  9. kathryn Abugel says:

    returned Prado to incorrrect address…   USPS return  03093220000199764975   need to apparantly with a RMA number as well… need to know how to proceed.. my mom returned the product .. i was notified by the other company they do not carry Prada cigarets….  what do i do to not be charged for the product my parents returned and are not using?   I will advise my credit card company not to process the charge accordingly until I hear from you what you require 

  10. Kevin says:

    Stay away from Prada – there is no free trial you get them and within a few days they charge you the full amount. In my opinion nothing but a rip off company

  11. ImpactTwo says:

    E-sigs are very common nowadays, It takes away almost half of the harmful chemicals in a conventional cigarette. Quitting smoking is really hard and this would make a good substitute for a cig. I’ve seen lots of e-sigs on the net and I found the Luci E-cig it looks really cool on black. It has a very distinct look. 

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