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Vizio XWR100 Review

The Vizio XWR100 is a newly designed wireless dual band router from Vizio. It is actually categorized as an accessory that is specially designed for the home entertainment. This router will satisfy the users with all the needs regarding wireless networking more than the expected level. It lacks the support to the Gigabit Ethernet with which it would have been one among the best routers within the budget. It has a Web based interface which is quite easy and responsive but it lacks the depth in regard to the management of the router settings. The network storage functions of the router is subpar in the features as well as in performance.


The XWR100 has a design that is similar to the design of Linksys E2000. it has a flat, sleek and UFO like casing that attracts the finger prints to a large extent. The antennae of the router are well hidden within its chassis. This makes the entire package to be compact when compared with the routers of the same size with external antennae. There are four rubber feet at the bottom of the router that help to keep the device grounded on any type of surface. It also has some slots on the bottom in order to keep it mounted to a wall.

The top edge towards the front has an array of white colored LED status indicator lights. These are visible only when they are lit. These indicators show the status of the ports and connections of the router. The back side has a WAN port and four 10/100 LAN ports. The Gigabit Ethernet support is lacking. This a frustrating lack as the device is designed to connect the multimedia devices. This means that there are lots of digital data streaming. There is also a USB port on the back. Besides the USB port, there is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button which starts a time window for 2 minutes during which the WPS enabled devices enter the wireless network of the router.

Ease of Use

The Vizio does not include any manual or software. It just includes a Quick Start guide which alone is required to get started. This poster includes setup steps and well instructed photos. The process of setting up the device is short and simple. The only step that is to be done is connecting the router to a computer, power and internet source. The router operates with a couple of separate wireless networks known as Vizio and Vizio HD by default. The former is in 2.4 GHz band and the latter is in 5 GHz band. The default encryption keys for the two networks are printed on the guide. The default settings of the networks can be customized further along with the features of the router with the Web interface. This can be done from a computer that is connected to the router by logging in to http://vizio.home. It can also be pointed to,, the default IP address of the router


The Web interface of the XWR100 celebrity news is segregated in to three parts: Wireless, Router and Internet. Each of these parts allows the users to customize the particular settings of the router aforementioned wireless networks. Third account can also be turned to use for the guests or to host the legacy slow clients. The interface is responsive and intuitive. It has most of the feature. There is no in-depth configuration however. The router can host USB external hard drives that are formatted in the NTFS and FAT 32. it can anyway read the NTFS drives alone. This is a main drawback of the router.


The XWR100 has excellent range and signal stability. It has a steady connection for up to 30 feet. It is different from the other routers with the in built network storage function as it does not have enough storage throughput. When this function is tested with a network cable and some external hard drives, the router produced a write speed of 36 Mbps and a read speed of 60 Mbps respectively. These speeds are comparatively reasonable. The router can handle the light file sharing and the media streaming at these rates. If the users require the network storage for sure, then it recommended using a dedicated NAS server.

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