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Tech-Com SSD 600 USB portable speaker review

Tech-Com recently released their portable speaker SSD 600 USB with superb features. This boom box is truly portable so the company proudly boasts that it is a mobile music unit. The speaker features three speakers with a 2.1 channel experience.

Design & Features

The SSD-600-USB speaker comes in a good package and it has a protective blanket. The red and black color gives a trendy look. There are some buttons on the right end for pause/ stop, forward/ backward and volume controls. There are some ports on the side panel which includes a USB input, an Aux-in port, USB/ power port. There is a power switch too. Package includes a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB cable and a remote control.

  • Power Supply      USB port, Li-ion battery or DC 5V
  • Battery life           3Hours
  • Output power      3W+3w(RMS)
  • Speaker units      38mm*2, 40hms
  • Power voltage      DC 5V
  • Price                      $29.24

The SSD-600-USB has FM radio which can be totally controlled with the remote control easily. The most interesting feature of this device is that it can play music anywhere through a SD/MMC card, your cell phone. The device can play mp3 files via various inputs like SD/MMC, PC, mobiles, USB, mp4, U disc and other audio sources.

The pack includes three different types of jacks for easier access with the audio input. The device has a rechargeable Li-ion battery and it can provide three hours of continuous music. It can be powered through PC / laptop’s USB port and also via adaptor.


Frankly we were not expecting superior quality music but we were really surprised by its output. When we hooked in 4 GB USB drive the music came out in few seconds. The sound quality was great with decent clarity and balanced bass. For speaker of such small size producing even some amount of bass is difficult but the SSD-600-USB delivers fairly good amount of bass which is really impressive. Even at low and mid volume ranges sound nice but at extreme highs the music starts to sound edgy but keeping in mind the size of the speaker this has to be just blow passed. The multi function button work as both next/back and the volume up/down buttons so it might confuse the viewer but after a while definitely it grows on you. The buttons are tactile and if you press the button once it will change the track and pressed for long it controls the volume. The battery lasts for 4 hours but it also depends on the volume level. The SSD-600-USB gives a good performance though the audio quality is not mind blowing but it satisfactory and has good value for money. It is suitable for small indoor parties. It is portable audio in true sense.

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One Response to "Tech-Com SSD 600 USB portable speaker review"

  1. Musthafa says:

    Hallow..I am already using this speaker. Sound level very high and good quality without noise problems.But this is not 2.1 system.Because Centre speaker only rubber action dummy.Not connected to pcb.Only connected Left & Right small speckers only. But small amount bass produce helping center rubber action speaker model dummy.This is not speaker or woofer(Center). This is good product compare price value.

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