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Slipped Disc Treatment

The spine is made up of several bones, which have cartilage bones in between them. A disc is nothing but a circular formation of the connective tissue, having a gel like core at the center. The disc acts as a protective buffer that makes it flexible in its nature. A slipped Disc is a condition where in the soft portion of the disc slightly bulges out of the circular part of the connective tissue. The term ‘Slipped Disc’ does not actually mean the condition since the disc do not slip but it is due to the bulging of the disc bit outwards the normal position.

Causes of a Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc can be caused due to the poor health of the disc, which is the result of unhealthy lifestyles and food habits. Regular use of tobacco, inadequate nutrition supply to the bones, and lack of regular exercises are some of the causes of slipped disc.

Age is also one of the common factors for slipped Disc. The natural biochemical changes that take place inside the body cause the disc to get dry out naturally, thereby affecting the strength of the disc and its resiliency.

Habit of poor postures, incorrect body mechanics, and hard physical labors also put extra stress on the spinal region causing slipped disc condition. Slipped Disc mainly causes severe pain at the back, this is because of the pressure on the spinal cord, nerve roots and the cauda equine region. The symptoms also include loss of control over bladder functioning, paralysis of both the legs, disturbance of feeling in the rectum and inside the thighs etc.

Treatment for Slipped Disc

Physical therapy can reclaim your life back and it has become a required step in fighting against slipped Disc. A physical therapist can guide as how to handle with heavy loads by teaching safe lifting techniques, proper walking and sitting postures without putting extra pressure on back nerves, proper clothing etc. They can also educate the patients by teaching the ways of strengthening the muscles of the lower back and abdomen thereby encouraging the support for the spinal region.

Doctors often recommend the use of back braces and few weight belts for the sufferers, to avoid injuries happening to the back due to the heavy strain causing by the heavy liftings.

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4 Responses to "Slipped Disc Treatment"

  1. bob smith says:

    Nice article, reminds me of what happened when I was in High school

  2. Billy says:

    When I was 16 years old, back in 1961, I was pole vaulting. I came down on my back causing severe pain on the lower right side and not being able to straighten up, had to walk bent over for two weeks. I went to two doctors, and I use that term loosely, who told me that they didn’t know what was wrong. So they sent me home.
    My parents, at the time, were divorced and after two weeks of this my scheduled visit to see my mother came due. I traveled to another city (still not able to straighten) but planned the visit anyway.
    When we got to her home, she asked me if I had seen a chiropractor. I had no idea what a chiropractor was and of course told her “no”.
    She took me to town and we walked into the office. The doctor (this time, not loosely) felt of my back and told me I had a “slipped disc”.
    He had me lay down on the table where he crossed my legs, pulling my knees up to chest, and then put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my knees and very forcefully twisted and popped my back. Worst pain I can remember. He told me that it didn’t go in so he did it one more time.
    After this “popping”, he felt of my back and said, “There ya go”, and I crawled off the table. Stood straight up bent over and touched my toes, paid him the 6 (yes six) dollars that he asked and sent me on my way. No pain, able to walk straight. No more problems.
    I’ve had to go to chiropractors since then and have had no help from them at all. They all wanted to put me through physical therapy, which I did once, with no help. My back just finally worked itself out.
    Occasionally, I still hurt my back and have found that if you just sort of leave it alone and do a few stretching exercises, it will be fine after a few days.
    One chiropractor told me later that it was impossible to slip a disc and he didn’t believe my account of what the other doctor had done. I had insurance and he wanted physical therapy. I left.
    Anyway. I know that I couldn’t walk straight and for six dollars and five minutes of work, a “real chiropractor” fixed my problem.

  3. holly says:

    Physical Therapy can be the key to a more productive, pain free life!

  4. card says:

    useful info, thanks.

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