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Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Apple iPad





 The Samsung has launched its first tablet PC recently. The tablet of designed by Samsung is named to be Galaxy Tab. The key purpose behind the release of this device is not only making a great fortune for the company but also to compete with the ground breaking iPad of Apple. The iPad has managed to initiate a new personal computer market being a single device. Though many people were skeptical about the success of iPad, the device has managed to achieve a strong demand till now. This challenge cum competition put forth by iPad is evident form the number of companies that have started manufacturing their own tablet devices. When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad, there are chances for each one to prove victorious.


The design of the product is a major attractor for the buyers. When both these tablets are laid in front, it is soon evident that they both are completely different in the way they are designed. The customers, who prefer compactness, would obviously opt for the Galaxy Tab. It is also lighter in weight than the iPad. Moreover, the Galaxy Tab is much easier to handle when compared with the iPad. This is the main advantage from the point of design.

The iPad is made of materials that are high in the quality. It has a complete metal back panel instead of the plastic one. This design gives it sturdy feel though it is slippery. The compact design of the Galaxy Tab has a drawback as it cannot cope up with the 9.7 inch display of the iPad. There are many differences between the IPS LCD display of the iPad and the TFT LCD display of the Galaxy Tab. The iPad has better viewing angles. Both have poor sunlight legibility. When speaking about the resolution, the Samsung tablet has an overall higher density of pixels.

Interface and Functionality

This is the part where both the Galaxy Tab and the iPad differ vastly. The galaxy tab makes use of the Android operating system and the TouchWIZ 3.0 interface. The iPad has the iOS operating system. There are of course more number of details to be mentioned about these two platforms but the small details are avoided in this comparison. The beginners always prefer the iOS as they feel it to have better performance and responsiveness. No other operating system is capable enough to run as seamlessly and smoothly as the iPad. However, there is some slight lag at times.

The Android operating system is better in terms of customization and personalization options. It allows the users to decide what they would like to have on the home screen. It presents widgets that provide information quickly without having to open the dedicated applications. The iOS is conventional with the grid icon layout but this is easy to learn and to use.

Internet and Connectivity

Browsing Internet is a wonderful experience with the tablets. Both the tablets are of large displays which are perfect for this purpose. The Android browser is poor for such a higher end device. Some of the pages work fine while some others are crowded. The ipad lacks the Flash Plyer support. But then it handles the web pages perfectly. Scrolling and zooming with the iPad are smooth. Both the devices and be connected to the internet through the 3G and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. there is also GPS support. The Tab has Bluetooth 3.0 while the iPad has Bluetooth 2.1.

Camera and Multimedia

The iPad lacks a camera and hence it cannot capture photos or videos while the Tab has a camera for the photography purposes. The camera is not of the highest quality but it produces decent images. The videos, when viewed from the device have nice details and sufficient smoothness. The music experience is good in iPad. It has an excellent music player and an overall better quality loud speaker. The loudness is good in the Tab but this is obtained at the expense of the overall quality. The playback of videos is not good. The Pad cannot play the high definition movies and hence it requires a converting process to play them. But the iPad is good to watch the videos as it has a large screen.


The iPad excels with the support to the third party software. It has almost a million application on the App Store. These applications are of better design and high quality. The applications like videos and image editing, music sampling, iWork suite etc. are decent and they fulfill the productivity requirements. The Tab is also not defenseless. It has the Android Market. It has a decent word processor and some advanced organizing tools. But these not spectacular and also the Android Market does not have more applications like the iPad. There is a decent eBook reader in the Tab which is a tough competition to the Apple iBooks.


The choosing of a tablet is not a tough call after this analysis. The Tab has an advantage due to its compact size. It is quite easy to carry it around. It also capable of displaying the Flash content and opening Flash based websites. The camera of 3.2 megapixel resolution along with the flash support is another advantage of the Tab. The iPad makers itself appealing with in many areas like the real estate of the screen and the superiority of the software. This is proved by the applications from the internet browser to the YouTube client. Though it lacks the features possessed by the Tab, it has a better functional application support. The price of the iPad is impressive but the Tab also comes to the similar cost which is frustrating.


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