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Review on Toshiba Satellite T215D-S1140RD

Most of the current $300 pricing Netbooks offer the same performance but the 11.6-inch Netbook offers comparatively a better performance and comes with a slightly larger body. The Toshiba T215D-S1140RD comes with an AMD Athlon II Neo processor or with a dual core CPU. All the components are packed in a plastic chassis which is pretty common in most Netbooks. Except for the increase in size of keyboard, wrist rest space and the use of the AMD Athlon processor, everything remains to be the same as other Netbooks in the T115 series.

The previous year’s model came up with a single core Intel processor with almost the same price. The current Toshiba is priced at just $30 more despite including a dual core processor. The inclusion of the dual core processor has made a drastic difference in the multitasking abilities.


The Netbook is available in two color options as dark gray and red. Most of the design features remain to be the same as other Toshibas in the Netbook line. Its design is very much comparable with the Mini NB305. The keyboard deck is covered with glossy plastic which gives a cheap feel but however it is not less sturdy. The keyboard is bit raised and overall it is far better than the keyboard we saw in T115. The multi touch pad is very smooth but it doesn’t lack any responsiveness.

The 11.6-inch display is LED backlit and has a resolution of 1366x768p which is pretty standard for such a display. We have seen such resolution even in some 15-inch displays. As a result of such resolution in such a small display, pictures, videos and text appear very sharp. Stereo speakers are placed at the bottom of the chassis whose sound quality could be said as average. The sound it gives out will be just enough to watch movies and if you wish to listen to music, we suggest you use a headset. The inbuilt Webcam offers decent video quality which would be just enough to video chat and for conference calls. Using Skype on this laptop resulted a bit choppier but it has nothing to do with the webcam but is because of the single core processor.

Connection options remain the same as those found in the 13-inch T235D which is good. The Netbook includes an eSATA/USB 2.0 port which powers USB devices even when it is turned off. This is really good because you can use your laptop as your mobile charger when traveling.


The Toshiba Satellite T215D-S1140’s performance is comparatively better than those powered by Atom processor. The single core T215D-S1140RD’s single and multitasking performance is lower than the T235D-S1345 but for just $30 more you can get the same Netbook with a dual core processor. We always suggest you go for the dual core configuration which will not only improve the performance but will also improve the battery life in large.

The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225 performance is very much similar to that of the Intel integrated graphics card. Playing 3D games would be trouble but it is more than enough to play some basic games. The Toshiba is better in multitasking abilities compared to its cousin T115 but is low in batter life. With the included six cell battery, it could runs only for just over 3 and a half hours when tested with continuous video playback.

Toshiba offers one year warranty on parts and labor which is standard for a Netbook along with technical support all day over phone. You can also download drivers and manuals from the official website and gain more knowledge about the Netbook by going through the FAQ section.

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