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Review on Samsung WB650

Although there is some importance shown on the image quality, first preference is given for the digital camera’s design and specifications. Everyone is looking for a good looking camera as almost every camera offer top image quality. Samsung is no different as it has its own unique features like 24mm wide angle, GPS and 15x optical zoom. WB series is the top level in the Samsung digital cameras.

It weighs 214.6g and hence cannot be grouped in the compact cameras. Its design is much different from that of the PL and the ST series which were much concentrated on their style and look. It supports a GPS and is located at the top of the camera. The camera supports Smart Auto function which will recognize scenes automatically. Once resolution is set, the camera optimizes it and hence it would be a good camera option for beginners. The Smart Auto 2.0 recognizes 17 different scenes for still images while 4 different modes for videos.

The 12 MP camera offers 3 quality settings and also supports exposure compensation and quality settings up to ISO 3200, although there will be a lot of noise. The camera has its own dedicated video recording button and is also possible to set fps while voice recording is optional. Dedicated video recording button means that it is possible to switch to video mode quickly and records videos instantly without the struggle of turning the dial. You may wonder that what is the use of recording a video without voice is. It would be fun by mixing video for different audios. The camera records voice even when zooming unlike other cameras. The recording of the sound of the lens motor can not be reduced and hence cannot be used for professional purpose.

Samsung’s menu settings are always intuitive as it includes perfect explanation for all the features explaining how the function works and so on. The user interface is not much different from the previous models. Its GPS status is displayed on the top and when tracked, it indicates a green light. Of all the features of the camera, the biggest plus is the shooting angle. The camera supports OIS and hence there is no blur in telephoto angle shots. WB650 includes a lot of Portrait shot functions which will help beginners to take quality shots.

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