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Review on Microsoft Arc Touch

The Microsoft Arc Touch has a convertible design and the scroll wheel is touch-sensitive. Like the original ones, the Arc Touch Mouse is full of latest design statement along with some interesting new features. We will always recommend you go with the traditional mouse which is more suitable for day to day life as the Arc Touch Mouse is for those eyeing for design.

The Arc Touch Mouse is similar to the Apple Magic Mouse in one way, i.e. the touch sensitive scroll but in terms of functionality, the Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse seems to be more traditional than the Apple. The Arc Touch Mouse uses the traditional two buttons for left and right clicks. As said above, one thing that is common between the two is the touch sensitive scrolling but in this regard, Microsoft has an edge over Apple in offering satisfaction.

Operating the mouse remains the same by dragging your finger on the metal tab in order to scroll. The Arc Touch Mouse supports accelerated scrolling meaning that you can flick your finger to scroll faster than usual. It will be more helpful when scrolling longer documents. The vibration feedback provided by the Arc Touch Mouse gives a feel that we are using the traditional physical scroll. The vibration effect along with the scrolling speed is customizable in the software.

The included interface works very much like the ones in the regular mouse. Microsoft has included its proprietary Blue Track laser sensor that adjusts perfectly to different surfaces. It would have been nice if Microsoft had included a thumb button so that we can move back and forward. It would have been helpful when browsing web pages. To compensate this lack, Microsoft allows us to program the scroll tab to act as a button.

Another notable feature of the Arc Touch Mouse is the convertible design. The whole body is fitted inside a black rubber but the articulated frame inside can be snapped into either a flat lying or curved shape. This will be appreciated by frequent travelers and by also those who are using a cramped laptop bag. It is possible to turn its power off even when in flat design.

Setting up the mouse cannot be easier. Put the batteries in position, connect the RF receiver using the USB port and power on the device. You are ready to go. As said above, you can customize the scroll speed, vibration feedbacks effects, scroll button assignment etc.

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  1. ritikaa says:

    wow mouse is looking so attractive and in features its great..Joseph nice disc. thanx…

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