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Review on Harman Kardon Go + Play Micro

Harmon Kardon Go + Play Micro has an impressive design and it is not only a treat to our eyes but also for our ears with its menacing power. The word micro in its name doesn’t mean that it is tiny as its size is almost identical to that of its predecessor with only half an inch reduction in its height and one and a half inch reduction in its width. Like its size, its price is also not small as it is priced at almost $400.

Maybe the word micro refers to its sound quality and features. Yes, the Go + Play Micro doesn’t impress much with its performance to keep it at the top of the list. But it however manages to be in the list.


Its design as said above is almost identical to that of its predecessor with durable construction. The whole system is built inside a plastic and the speaker grilles are highlighted with aluminum accents. Of all, the handle impresses the most running over the full length of the box. The beautifully designed handle also offers an easy way to carry the set. The handle is built very strongly that it is comfortable enough to carry the 8 pound weighing Go + Play.

Unlike its predecessor, the iPod dock is placed in a forward slanting position which has now helped us in viewing the full screen of the iPhone or the iPod. Whatever iPod or iPhone you may use, it fits perfectly inside the dock and is also secure inside the adjustable screw. The eight cell battery compartment is located at the back along with an adapter, video output, aux input and USB pass through. The remote control storage compartment which was present in the predecessor has been avoided in the Micro. This is because the RF remote is now replaced with a IR remote.


We have to say that the number of features the speaker system does not include is more than that it includes. The system does not support FM or AM and there is no way to adjust the equalizer, so we are limited with the adjustment that is available in the iPhone or iPod. However the included features like the aux input, power adapter are all standard. Although it includes a degraded remote control, it includes features for navigation through the iPod menu. It is sad that the remote control does not include a power button.


We are sure that most of you will be giving first preference to sound quality than design. Therefore it is better to think twice before investing in it. You can also have a look at the Altec Lancing Mix which outperforms Go + Play Micro despite $100 less in price. Although only a portable speaker, the front tweeters along with a woofer at the bottom produce crisp details of sound.

Its performance is isn’t like the predecessor because we don’t think it works to is fullest capability. The Go + Play Micro includes computer optimized technology and optimized compression topology which will enhance the incoming signal. The manufacturer claims the system can work continuously for 18 hours with the 6-cell battery which would be enough to take it around.

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