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Review on Asus Essentio CM5671-05

Asus Essentio CM5671-05 has a different chassis compared to its predecessors and includes a 1TB hard drive. The Asus Essentio will be a good choice for you if you limiting you needs just to media playback and web browsing. If you badly need media editing option then it is always better to go with HP Pavilion p6510y which is priced only a little more.

The Essentio desktop has departed from the boring boxy design chassis to a much more aesthetic design. On earlier cases, the media card reader was hidden behind the front panel but now they are located on the angled top of the chassis along with two audio jacks and four USB ports just as in the Essentio CM5675-07. The front panel is completed with the expansion bay and optical drive.

The Asus Essentio’s best competitor would be the AMD powered HP Pavilion p6510y which includes many features for little more price. However, most of the system features remain to be identical including a 4GB RAM. The HP has a slight advantage with the quad core AMD processor that helps in better multithreaded and multitasking features. The HP however betters only in the multi-tasking features but couldn’t manage to overcome in other tasks like encoding, Adobe Photoshop etc.

The Gateway DX4840-03e is always another choice pricing more than $100 more but includes a Core i3 processor. HP as said is the best for multithreaded applications like media editing programs. The HP also surprises by surpassing the Core i3 included Gateway in certain tests.

The Asus offers a number of upgrade options including a standard PCI slot, two PCI Express slots, and two slots for RAM and an empty hard drive bay. We believe that Asus has included so much connectivity options to compensate the speed that HP offers. Connection options include a HDMI port, 10 USB ports, digital audio input and a standard analog audio jack. The system plays online streaming videos from YouTube, Hulu and Netflix without any hiccups when connected using the HDMI cable. It also easily handles the 1080p content smoothly. If you are serious about placing the desktop PC in you living room with the thought of connecting to your HDTV, then we suggest you go with the Gateway SX2840-01 or SX2801-01e which is a recently released one.

When considering Power consumption, the HP costs more than any other in the class with $29.43 per year. The Asus will cost you around $10 less compared to the HP. Asus backs up the desktop PC with one year warranty on parts and labor along with technical support all day through phone.

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