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Review of Samsung B7722

The dual SIM card handsets are becoming more popular nowadays as people are leading an occupied personal and a professional life. The Samsung has introduced the new B7722 dual SIM card handset. It has a large display and it is capable of switching between the SIM cards with the touch of a button. The company would have thought that the dual SIM card feature is alone enough for the handset to compete with the other existing smartphones. It has not included an operating system in the B7722.


The B7722 has a resistive touch screen display that measures 3.2 inches. It has a resolution of 240×400 pixels and it supports 256 K colors. It has a 5 megapixel camera that supports auto focus and LED flash. It can capture images with a maximum resolution of 2592×1944 pixels and QVGA videos with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. It has an internal memory of 270 MB and also supports micro SD or micro SDHC memory cards of up to 32 GB. It has a micro USB port for charging as well as for data transfer. It has a Dolphin HTML browser with support for WAP and RSS. It supports Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity options. It uses a standard 1200 mAh lithium ion battery that can provide a life of up to 12.8 hours of talk time and up to 420 hours of stand by time.


The B7722 measures 113.5×55.5×14.3 mm in dimension and weighs around 105 grams. It is available only in black color. It has a glossy black finish that attracts finger prints and smudges. The build quality is excellent as the handset is durable and free from flex. The 3.2 inch touch screen display occupies most of the front part. This display is not very responsive as it is not capacitive. The contrast and saturation levels are normal and not very exciting. The display has a poor sunlight legibility that makes it difficult to use under direct sunlight. This is the case even when the brightness levels are maximum. There are 3 buttons below the display. The key at the middle has a edgy shape as the ones present in many of the feature phones of Samsung. It acts as the back key. The other two keys are on the either side of the middle key and they are the call and end buttons. The front facing camera is placed above the display. The other ports are found on the sides of the handset. The left side houses the micro USB port and the volume rocker while the right side houses the camera key, toggle to switch between the two SIM cards and the screen lock key.


It uses the Samsung’s proprietary TouchWIZ user interface. It has 3 home screens and a dock with 4 icons that provides access to the frequently used applications like contacts, messages, menu and keypad. It supports a number of widgets that can be placed on the home screen. The menu has icons for up to 3 pages and it includes applications like Facebook, MySpace, Google Maps, etc. These can be placed on the home screen as widgets. The interface allows the user to change the size and style of the font. The on screen keypad has large keys that are easy to press. The smart dialing option is enabled in the phonebook alone.


The contacts menu opens a scrollable list of contacts and it provides an alphabetical slider as well as a search box to find a certain contact. It cannot integrate the

Facebook contacts with the ones in the phonebook like the other smartphones form the company. Apart form SMS and MMS, the handset supports emails with an attachable file size of 5 MB. The email setup is difficult as it requires manual setting.  It supports the Exchange feature and a built in document viewer. The accelerometer used is highly responsive in changing the orientation of the on screen keyboard. It has 4 rows of keys that are well spaced for easy typing.  The 3G connectivity is provided by the B7722 but it can be activated by only one of the 2 SIM cards. The signal statuses of both the SIM cards are displayed but the one that is active at the time being is highlighted in green. The package includes a software CD with the Kies software that is responsible for synchronizing the handset with a computer.

The Dolphin browser renders pages slowly and has no text reflowing feature. The zooming of large web pages results in errors. The camera has a number of features and a simple interface with a variety of preset modes. The focusing is little slow.  The picture quality is not very good. The images have good color and impressive details but those are spoiled by the blurry effect. The videos are captured with a frame rate of 30 fps and are of acceptable quality though they possess less detail. The built in music player supports the creation of playlists, filtering of songs, album art and equalizer presets. The handset lacks a dedicated video player. It supports videos with the MPEG4 format and stretches them to the QVGA resolution during playback.  The interface of the player is simple and unresponsive. There are applications like calendar, tasks, world clock, unit converter, memo, calculator, dictionary, timer, stopwatch and voice recorder. Other necessary applications can be downloaded from the Samsung Apps menu. The handset has a feature that allows the user to set a timer to switch between the SIM cards automatically.

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220 Responses to "Review of Samsung B7722"

  1. Rory says:

    Where is upgrade firmware available from?

  2. Arvind says:

    How to check the text messages while in a call? And no main menu option is available durin a call… HOw to check tat? Plz help…

    • gurbax singh says:


      totally BEKAR phone hai. i also spend 11300 rupee on this phone. at the end i have to change it. there is no option to go to main menu or any other option except speaker on option. picture quality is good. 3g and edge signal quality is good. but u can not connect this phone to pc for internet browsing. sim management is good. it does not support 4gb memory card. when inserted 4gb card, phone restarts automatically. even i have changed the memory card with another card. but it supported 8gb memory card fully.sim management is good. no 3.5m jack. advise others not to spend money on this phone

  3. Sudhir says:

    hi can anybody help me I want to change my B7722 language from english to French please …

  4. sudhir says:

    Hi can

  5. Husam says:

    I was just wandering, from where can i download more games other that (, and more games download in the mobile it self????

  6. Husam says:

    it works. and very fast.
    but with small screen, so there is no use of watching it.

  7. Geomacs says:

    Hi all. Must one use 1st letter in a contact that’s being searched for? Is it possible to use any character (s) in the contact during search.

    I notice you can’t SIM services for the two networks concurrently.

  8. vinit tarey says:

    i m working on andriod os for this mobile to develop an os for this mobile can anyone give me the exact processor info……….

    Vinit Tarey
    M.Tech Embedded System……From School of Electronics DAVV………………………..

  9. sudhir says:

    how to prevent flashing on,
    during making/receiving a call/message?

  10. sudhir says:

    how to prevent flashing on during making / receiving a call / message?

  11. cy says:

    this phone is a crap, when you open two or more apps at the same time, it always complains not enough memory and force you to close all the applications.

    Also, its MS ActiveSync is another big failure, the calendar schedule does not show its “location” in full details even though my outlook has all the full details, it only displays the first 14 or 15 characters, the rest of the details will be truncated !! With this, how do the users know which place to attend the meeting or appointment ? totally useless ! I called Samsung, guess what the support personnel said ? He said this is a low end business phone some features are not fully implemented and ask me to live with it !!

  12. rinky says:

    i cant on my font camera in my samsung duos 7722. anybody kindly help me?

    • ritesh says:

      you can click images using front camera…just follow these steps.
      1. type *#7353#
      2. a menu will appear select “vtcamera” in that menu
      3. now the front cam will start. Now just click the photos using capture button of your cell phone.
      4. the photos will be captured and you can view the photos in my files/images.
      this works for samsung star duos and samsung monte
      enjoy….:-) :P

  13. Amit Walia says:

    Samsung chor hai

    pls dont purchase b7722 mobile

  14. yanko says:

    hello all .
    can any body tell me why am not able to watch you tube on samsung gt-b 7722 ???

  15. vinit tarey says:

    both sim is always activated receive the call at same time but it is not an android phone……………………..

  16. Qasim Awan says:

    kindly provide me the solution how 2 record incoming voice calls… there any secret code or app???
    i have searched it every where but didnt find any thing abt it…also searched it on….no app is there….and tell me how i can read messages which r receiving during d call is connected some where else…..????

  17. BHARAT says:

    I have Samsung DUOS B7722 , from last few weeks i am not able to view any SMS 
    can anybody help on the same

  18. Deepak says:

    I m planning to buy B7722. I am sorry but i dont understand what do they mean by SIM activation. I mean, does it mean that i can use only one sim at a time for recieveing calls or so.
    Please help ASAP

  19. Saurabh says:

    Sir, i want to sync my phone no on my pc. but it not possible how can it

    • vinit tarey says:

      ››Set up a synchronisation profile1 In Menu mode, select Synchronise.2 Select Add and specify the profile options.3 When you are finished, select Save.››Start synchronisation1 In Menu mode, select Synchronise.2 Select a synchronisation profile.3 Select Continue to start synchronisation with the webserver you have specified.

  20. Hemant says:

    Hi i hv gt b7722 does any body knws how to record my incmng or outgoing call? any call recorder application available?

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