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Review of MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola uses a noise reduction technology along with adaptive speaker control for improved quality. This technology is called the CrystalTalk technology and it was initially used in the Razr2 V8 and V9 of the company. Motorola has started to use the same technology to the Bluetooth handsets in order to improve the call quality. It is tiny and has a stylish design like the Motorola H680. The only change is the addition of the CrystalTalk technology. It is available for a price of $99 which is affordable.


It is recommended to be used with mobile phones and it comes with a separate charging cradle and a desktop stand. It uses a mono aural headphone that produces mono sound output. It is equipped with an in built microphone that also operates in the mono mode. It has a wireless transmission distance of about 33 feet. It is included with a power adapter as well as a rechargeable headset battery that provides up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 192 hours of stand by time. It has additional features like Volume control, Easy Pairing technology, automatic low power mode and CrystalTalk technology.  It is provided with an ear hook to ensure security.  It connects to handsets through Bluetooth Class 2 technology.


The headset measures 41x18x12 mm in dimension and weighs around 12 grams. It has a tiny and stylish design. The back side body is made of matte black plastic and is rectangular in shape. The front has a brushed metal design. The ear hook is flexible and there are four control buttons on the headset. They are the power button, call button and the volume up and down buttons. The headset has a bright LED indicator also. The call button is circular in shape and is located on the front side. It performs multiple functions. The LED status indicator is placed exactly below the call button.  The volume rocker is present on the right side of the unit. The power on or off button is placed at the top. The ear hook is present on the back side. It is designed to provide comfort to the users. There are charging contacts on the back side of the device. These can be connected with either the charging cradle or with the desktop stand.


The LED indicator conveys a lot of notifications to the user. It has a library of notifications that are difficult to remember. One must be aware of all the notifications to understand what the headset conveys at a particular circumstance. Some of the functions of the LED are listed as follows. It glows blue thrice when the headset is power on or off. When there is an incoming call or when the user is making an outgoing call, it makes a quick blue flash. When a call is in progress, it produces a slow blue pulse. When the headset is in the stand by mode and there is no active call the LED makes a slow blue flash. It produces a steady blue glow when it is synchronizing with the handset. Once the pairing is over and the connection is made it flashes blue or purple rapidly. When it is idle without any connection it glows red. When the headset and the handset are connected and the call is in mute, the LED produces a slow purple pulse. It makes rapid red flash when the battery is low and it remains off when the headset is turned off.


The device enters the pairing mode as soon as the power is turned on. This makes the process of pairing very smooth. As it employs dual microphones in order to eliminate background noise and also to automatically adjust the noise levels, the sound quality is expected to be great. The quality of the incoming calls is impressive while that of the outgoing calls is not smooth. The users hear loud, natural and clear sound that is almost free from interference and static. The callers on the other side experience echo along with mild background hiss. In spite of using the CrystalTalk technology for improving the call quality and performance, it fails to provide excellent performance. The H12 has a good design and it has to be improved when speaking of its performance.

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