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Position of Google partners in China almost uncertain

Google partners in China have sent a pleading letter to the giant who quoted that if Google closes Chinese search engine, their business would be in jeopardy. They have even demanded how they will be compensated if this situation proceeds. The Wall Street Journal reviewed the letter and stated that Google has not given any guidance since its announcement in January and the partners would have to leave the business in case Google withdraws.

John Liu leader of the Google’s sales team in greater China received the message which included a list of 27 advertising sellers of China. The message included a demanding statement of how resellers would be treated if Google’s shutdown in China reaches final stage. The letter included a point that the sellers do understand Google does have its own values but couldn’t understand why they have not been contact by the Internet giant until now.

One of the Google’s spokeswoman told Google is reviewing the letter and previously it is been posted in state run television broadcaster website of China. The uncertain situation of Google’s response to China is showering enormous operating pressure on the resellers, although not all the resellers are a part of the letter. Resellers hope that Google will sure stand up to the problem and solve it.

Although Google has announced its withdrawal in January, it is yet to stop the filtering. Google is negotiation with the Chinese authorities with the thought of continuing the service. Google has the most number of internet users in China, nation wise, with about millions of users. If Google withdraws, China would never face any problem as the situation will be brought under control with the help of Chinese companies.

China is very sensitive with the internet imposing heavy regulations than any other business. China does not provide license to foreign companies to provide internet service in the country. In order to overcome this situation, Google took a step of partnering with one of the Chinese company already holding the ICP license. One of the Google spokeswoman declared that the license renewal will be done this month. Google has tie up with two companies in China and until now there is no declaration that these two companies will exit China. If they wish to exit, they need to go through a series of procedures including one step of reporting the commerce ministry.

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