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netTalk Duo Review

The Magic Jack was the best known among the USB dongles that helps in making inexpensive telephone calls. This was possible due to the virtue of its TV commercials. The recent netTalk duo is another USB dongle offering the same service and it is capable of challenging the Magic Jack’s supremacy. Similar to the magic HJack, the netTalk duo also employs the VoIP to help making the low cost long distance telephone calls. Unlike the magic Jack, the netTalk allows the users to connect a traditional handset directly to the router. The netTalk duo is available for a cost of $69.95 for a service of one year. Later on the users have to pay an annual subscription fee of $29.95. These rates may be high when compared to the magic Jack, but the features possessed by the netTalk make it more compelling.


The netTalk Duo measures only 3.7 x 1.1 x 1 inches in dimension and hence it looks like a tiny portable device and it weighs around 2 ounces only. The design looks good with a glossy black plastic material and a chrome plastic lining around the sharp edges. This chrome lining covers the flat side of the netTalk Duo. The curved design of the device and the manner in which the bottom and front are sloped are attractive. The netTalk Duo has three ports on it. There is a micro USB port on the curved front side while there is a standard telephone jack and an Ethernet jack on the flat side.  The device has three LED lights on it such as a green power light in the front, a green light to the right to indicate the connection and a yellow light to the left of the Ethernet jack to indicate the internet connection.

Installation and Setup

The netTalk Duo connects directly to the router by the Ethernet or to a notebook by the USB and use the notebook’s Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Both these connection methods are easy and take less time. The direct connection to the router was a cinch. It requires no installation process. The netTalk Duo is connected to the router by means of the Ethernet cable and the landline phone is connected to the telephone port. The connection to the Wi-Fi using a laptop requires a quick installation of the netTalk driver software that is provided in the included disc.

Call Quality

The overall call quality was on par as the ones with the cell phones. It possessed a distant quality but the words were heard clearly. The calls that were made with the direct router connection possessed less background hiss than the calls that were made with the notebook connection. All the calls experienced occasional pops and there was interference of electronic sounds.


The netTalk Duo can also behave as a regular telephone line with its entire suite of useful features. These features include the call forwarding, three way calling, caller ID, 411 directory services, call waiting, enhanced 911 services and fax compatibility. It also supports the celeb news voice mail feature. It does not have a message inbox and the voice messages are sent to the user’s email address as a WAV file and they can be played or saved from there.


The netTalk Duo is great mainly because it can effectively replace the landline. The call quality of the device is not better than the one provided by the magic Jack, but the real capability of the netTalk Duo is that it can be used with the telephone at the home as well as with the laptop when in travel. It also offers a live technical support and provides excellent after sales service.

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4 Responses to "netTalk Duo Review"

  1. Jeff says:

    don’t bother with this device. If you every heard the term ‘you get what you pay for’, well it applies to this. To start you will have to dial your area code even within your own area code. I called and that is just the way it is(not too much of a big deal). Heres the problem, you will dial people 2,3,4 times before the number connects and then a quarter of the time either you cant hear them or they cant hear you. This is not acceptable when it happens again and again. The tech support could find not issues. Had to just send this item back and go back to my old Voip service.

  2. Nelson Sacristan says:

    I don’t normally go out of my way to post reviews of lousy services. Usually I post good reviews or try to go the extra mile with customer services to resolve the issue. However since NetTalk boasts such great customer service, they deserve the criticism. The short story is: they don’t keep their word, they b.s. and say they are sorry and will rectify however that is not true. Don’t bother with them. The long story is they have sent my NetDuo to the wrong country, promised me next day delivery to the correct address and I confirmed today at UPS sent it to the wrong country. At least 1 operator failed to get back to me (he made a big production about how he would (Freddie @ station 2) and just now I called their sales number and Rachel told me that she couldn’t help me but customer service was there today and could track my order. Of course, they were not there at all.

    • Doug says:

      I can’t get a number for my state…they keep promising and they say try every day and then they tell it’s first come first serve and I must have been too late and to keep trying. I have a number from another state but want one for mine…other than that it works fine….their CS could really use some improvement

  3. Lori Deal says:

    I really like the net talk duo which I just installed on my computer. I read reviews on the magic jack and liked what I was seeing about the nettalk duo. I just got rid of my AT&T phone and needed a phone other than my cell. Sometimes my cell does not get a good signal inside the house. I used a coupon from dell marketplace which let me have a huge discount. It ended up costing me about $48 with shipping, and tax. I had a 50% discount off of the regular price. This is the link I used I then typed in nettalk duo to find the coupon. I did a quick search under nettalk duo 50% coupons and it looks like there are other coupons out there. The phone quality is pretty good with the duo. It was easy to set up… Thanks!

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