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Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 Review

The Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 of Microsoft is a wireless mouse based on the Bluetooth connectivity. It is a forward step taken in combining the utilities. The usage of Bluetooth technology is a liberating experience. Owning a mouse which is packed with lot of additional features is completely a new level of freedom. The small size of the Presenter Mouse 8000 is ideal for notebook usage. It is also comfortable to use with desktops. The package of the Bluetooth based mouse contains the Mouse 8000, a USB transceiver baaed on the Bluetooth technology, a clear acrylic carrying case, AAA batteries, IntelliType software and the instructions.


  1. It is a four-in-one device. It can act as a mouse, a presenter, a laser pointer and a media remote.
  2. Customizable performance slider
  3. Tilt wheel feature
  4. Digital ink feature
  5. High definition Laser technology
  6. Pre-paired Bluetooth First Connect technology
  7. Instant viewer function on wheel
  8. Magnifier feature on side button
  9. Two color battery life indicator
  10. Wireless freedom
  11. Four way scrolling

System Requirements

Operating system Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2)
Processor Intel Pentium processor of 233 MHz or higher clock speed
Memory 128 MB RAM
Storage 45 MB hard disk space
Optical drive CD-ROM
Ports USB port on PC or PS/2 keyboard port

Installation and Use

The Presenter Mouse 8000 is a simple and straight forward device. It has an easy and quick installation disk. It is basically a device based on the plug and play technology. In order to use all the features of the device soon after taking it out of the package, you just have to plug in the USB transceiver based on the Bluetooth technology and then link it with the mouse. The provided installation disk will not be required if you are downloading the up to date software from the Microsoft website. Users having the integrated Bluetooth connection on their computers will face some issues in figuring out if the mouse is connected with the internal link. The Bluetooth with the First Connect technology offers a precise wireless communication between the transceiver and the mouse. There are presenter functions at the bottom of the device and these are accessed by pushing the toggle button on the top. Pressing this toggle again switches the device back to the mouse mode of operation. For the presentations in offsite locations, the handy case that is included in the package houses both the mouse and the Bluetooth USB transceiver.

Presentation Features

The toggle button at the middle of the top edge below the scroll wheel makes the mouse to operate in the presenter mode. Once this mode is activated, the mouse changes into a wireless palm sized controller to be used for the Power Point presentations. It is complete to use in this manner along with a laser pointer. The maneuver slides forward and backward and the control volume levels up to a maximum of 30 feet. It is compact in size which offers it a comfortable and discrete feel in the hand when it is used as a remote device for the presentations. On turning the mouse over and switching it back to the mouse mode enables the Digital Ink function. This feature annotates the important parts of the presentation slides. There is an instant viewer function in the device which allows you to open all the pages in the thumbnail mode. The presentation features of the device work effectively with the audio related programs like iTunes. It has the ability to control the volume, play, pause, skip tracks, etc. thus making it an ideal media remote.


The Presenter Mouse 8000 is not only a stylish, portable and compact presentation device but it also has other features that would complete the package. There is a large button at the tail of the device which allows for the quick and easy access of the battery. There is also a small button which is used to turn on and off the device. The inclusion of a carrying case is a good one. The device is comfortable to use in the mouse mode. The speed of the pointer needs adjustment as it is extremely fast in the default setting. Even the left and the right buttons are slow. The tilt wheel makes it easy to scroll between the web pages and larger documents. It performs well in the mouse mode. Only issues were regarding the scrolling and the pointer speeds. However, these can be adjusted to suit the individuals. The presenter mode is also good to use and this si due to the size and the weight of the device.


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