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Major Causes of Diabetes

It is very unfortunate that the real cause of Diabetes is still unknown. Many researches and studies are in fail to determine the exact cause of the Diabetes. Although, there are few risk factors that are considered to be the causes of Diabetes.

Heredity: Diabetes is known to be a genetically inherited disease. People who have diabetes in their family medical history, they are 25% more prone to develop diabetes.

Care must be taken so that a diabetes mellitus mother does not pass diabetes to her child. In case of twins, either one of the twins tends to develop diabetes or both may develop diabetes sometimes.

Diet: Diet plays a vital role in causing Diabetes to some extent. Consuming the foods that are rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates makes you more prone to develop diabetes. Generally, our body is in need of balanced diet that produces energy to undertake several vital functions. Overeating puts too much of pressure on pancreas, kidneys and stomach, which results in over secretion of insulin. It creates a condition where there will be an acute shortage of insulin for the entire food to get digested, which causes the blood sugar levels to raise leading to the development of Diabetes Mellitus.

Obesity: It is one of the major factors that cause Obesity. Over weight that is associated with the accumulation of excess fat leads to the development of diabetes. It mostly affects the individuals who are above 40 years of age and the type of diabetes is type 2 Non insulin dependent diabetes. The fat deposition in case of obesity restricts the absorption of blood sugar by the muscles and tissue cells there by resulting in the increase of the blood sugar levels and leading to Diabetes.

In such cases, it is required to lose the excess weight thereby improving the blood sugar levels. Even a small reduction in the weight of such persons may bring wonderful effects in bringing down the high blood sugar levels.

Virus Infections: Due to the activity of some of the viruses such as Coxsackie B, causes infection to the pancreas, affecting the process of insulin secretion thus causing Diabetes Mellitus.

Lack of exercises and physical work: According to one of the studies, it is reported that lesser active the person is, more the tendency to develop diabetes. Hence, it is required to take up any sort of physical work or healthy exercises in order to prevent the risk of such diseases.

Age: It is the most common factor for developing diabetes in many people. As an individual grows older, the tendency of working becomes less and hence it causes dysfunctioning of the pancreas to secret insulin leading to the development of Diabetes.

Bad Personal Habits: Improper eating habits along with alcoholism, smoking causes an individual more susceptible to develop diabetes. The later stages can lead to premature mortality, joint immobility etc.

Stress: Stress can cause pancreatic dysfunction which leads to unbalanced secretion of insulin, there by altering the blood sugar levels gradually.

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2 Responses to "Major Causes of Diabetes"

  1. Honney says:

    It’s a pleasure to find such rationality in an answer. Weclome to the debate.

  2. Glenn says:

    Many people are unaware how diabetes is caused. Diabetes occurs when pancreas does not secrete enough of the hormone insulin. The level of glucose increases the body. There are many causes of diabetes like some virus infection, exposure to food-borne chemical toxins, obesity, certain medicines like alloxan, streptozocin, and thiazide. Diabetes is heredity in nature.

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