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Lower Back and Kidney Pain

Few simple things can result in lower back pain. It may be due to high heel walking or due to improper stretching of nerves. Kidney infections also leads to lower back pains and this can be very painful.

If you are suffering from lower back pain and mid back pain then don’t neglect it. See to that it can be avoided by some measures or else consult your doctor immediately without any delay because this can also be due to the infections in the kidney due to which you are experiencing severe trauma.

There are certain symptoms of back pain because of the kidney infections and they are:

1)    If you are feeling burning sensation while urination and if you find samples of blood in urine or often occurring fever and nausea then back pain is because of the kidney infections.

2)   If you have a kidney infection then you can notice pain concentrated on the area near the hip especially whenever you put certain pressure on that region.

3)   Tests are done to study the white blood cells to identify any kidney infections. Urine samples are also taken to figure out the exact problem inside the body.

4)   You will notice a pain if you pull a muscle or strain your back or herniated a spinal disc.

In such conditions, the infections caused due to the bacteria first affects the bladder part and then moves to the kidneys. They may include kidney symptoms along with back pain. Normally, antibiotics are given to treat infections like kidney infections. If such conditions are neglected then one can land up in serious damaging of the kidneys. So never hesitate to make consultation with your doctor if you find symptoms that are mentioned above.

Pain caused by the trauma can be treated with heating pads and through physical therapy. Complete rest is recommended along with the extensive modes of treatment. Stretching, overdoing the exercises, improper bending, and back spasms should be avoided as much as possible.

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