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Letscom Portable Speakers HL4001 review

Portable speakers usually have their own goods and bads. Of course you can’t expect highly defined, bass heavy sound out of them but they are an excellent alternative to the normal music quality offered from the laptop speakers. Also, you will be freed from using earphones and damaging the sensitive ears. Let’s see what Letscom’s speakers say.


When you first take a glance at it, it somewhat looks like a squashed tomato, but it has appealing design. Being light weighted you can carry it around easily. The top has an on/off switch. The left side houses mini-USB port. The diaphragm has high quality rubber coating and diaphragm itself is prepared with superior plastic. The plastic for the speaker also has nice feel. The overall construct is really good. Uses d-class amplifier and comes in red, white and colors.

Dimension 60 X 45 mm
Weight 0.063kg
Price Rs 1,000


Apart from appealing looks, this is where it has to achieve. Listening to extreme bass music is fairly a pleasure and sounds really good but only till the volume is not turned too high. This is because HL4001 begins to garble the sound at intense volumes and you feel like turning down the volume immediately. Even though it cannot reach all tone levels, it surely does a great job with 2W power in the mode it manages high level tones. If you like genres like rock and metal, you won’t be too pleased since the music sounds hazy. Nonetheless, if you like soft and hip hop music instead, then it will make you groove to the beats.

You can listen to music via 3.5mm audio jack and recharge the speaker via USB interface. Charging and playing music with USB interface simultaneously is not doable with this speaker. HL4001 is compatible with the normal series of laptops, mp3 players, home theatres and mobile handsets.

It should be charged for about 3hrs and works for around 10 hrs.


Being a portable speaker it needs to manage both treble and bass on its own and for a single speaker one is bit difficult task. Even if it performs well, it can’t be called as the best in its category. It is tagged with Rs. 1,000, which appears to be tad burden since there are few speakers available in the market which cost less and perform better compared to this.


Light weight and portable

Plays pretty well at average volume

Bass sounds great


Distortion of sound at high volume

Metal and Rock may sound raucous than usual

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