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Importance of Vitamin C in Curing Acne

Acne is one of the biggest problems and is the matter of irritation and embarrassment for many people. Many people try ‘n’ number of beauty products and other skin enhancing products to get rid of such embarrassing acnes but they are not that easy to handle. According to a survey, thousands of dollars are spent every year by people all over the world to eliminate such acnes. Most of the commercial products available in the market contain harsh chemicals that even worsen and damage the skin than before.

Aloe Vera is a great naturally occurring acne clearing herb. A gel got from pealing off the external cover can be applied on the acne region or the juice made from it can be consumed. It is very much recommended for acne suffering people. It clears the skin tone and gets back the natural texture and glow of the skin.

Diet plays an important role in maintaining one’s skin tone and quality. Foods that are rich in vitamin C is very much important to have good quality skin that is free from skin breakouts and acne. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, and watermelon are very much good for skin health. Fiber based foods also help in eliminating toxins out of the body. Since the toxin buildup inside the body causes skin related issues therefore cleansing methods like colon cleansing is very much important in keeping oneself away from several diseases.

Acne causing bacteria can be killed by taking vitamin C foods and its supplements. It not only kills the bacteria but also increases the activity of immune system. Vitamin C also helps in repairing and growth of new tissues. It also reduces the risk of skin infections. It is also known to regulate the activity of oil glands, and also exhibits anti-oxidant properties.

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