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How to Cure a PND (Post Nasal Drip)?

PND (Post Nasal Drip) is one of the conditions which is associated with an excessive accumulation of mucus at the back of the nose that gives you the sensation of mucus dropping down the throat that often results in a PND cough.

If the condition is left untreated, it makes an easy way for the development of variety of health problems. Post Nasal Drip may occur due to sinusitis, colds, flu, hay fever, rhinitis, laryngopharyngeal acid reflux, allergies and throat disorders. Excessive use of nasal sprays, excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee, dairy products and living in a dry environment, inhaling irritants such as dust, perfume, smog and smoke contributes to post nasal drip.

Secretion of excess mucus is one of the natural defense mechanism that has been followed by the body so as to fight against an allergy or an infection. If it does not seem to work then it causes PND condition. It can also lead to bad breath, ear infections, sore throat, sinus infections and upper respiratory infections.

It is required to take treatment for PND latest celebrity news before you get attacked by any one of these problems. Few ways of treating PND are by using Nasal Sprays, Decongestants and Antihistamines. It can also be cured by avoiding certain allergens, avoiding sleeping on the back and also by drinking lots of water.

Rinsing your nasal passage gently with salt water clears the passage. Make sure that you blow your nose gently in order to take away excess water if it is any in the nasal path.

Mucus accumulation is triggered by consuming Dairy. Avoid them since they contain high amounts of sugar that promotes the growth of bacteria and thus leading to the build up of mucus in the nasal passage. Maintain the mucus membranes well lubricated or else it becomes thick and will start irritating you.

Drink herbal tea, lots of water or a cup of lemon juice to keep the nasal passage moist. Use humidifiers which keep your nasal passage moist thus avoiding the hardening of the mucus.

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