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Facts about Dangerous Complex Ovarian Cysts

Development of Complex Ovarian Cysts is one of the serious gynecological problems that women face during their reproductive years. These complex ovarian cysts are of three types namely Endomertioma, Dermoid Cysts and Cystsadenomas. These can be quite dangerous and can cause harm at any stages to the sufferers.

Ovarian cysts are nothing but the fluid filled cysts in the ovaries that may cause heavy pain in many and they may even disappear without causing any pain in few. But most of the times, it is painful causing death of a person if it is neglected.

The three types of the cysts are treated in three different ways since their symptoms varies according to the type of the cyst. Dermoid cysts are formed from the same type of the cells that makes up the eggs. Since it is made up of the same tissue of the egg, the cyst tends to have skin, hair or fat like the human body tissue. Some of the cysts do not witness the supply of blood and hence they won’t show the presence of sweat glands. Even though it is of the same type of the tissue, it does not cause much harm but it can only cause severe pain in patients.

Cystadenoma types of cysts are formed on the outer layer of the ovaries. This kind of cysts are filled with mucus and body liquid, it can grow gradually day by day and finally can cause relative pain in patients.

Endometrioma, type of cysts develops once the tissues are same of the tissues present in the inner most layer of the uterus that gets attaches to the ovaries. These cysts are because of the condition known as ‘Endometriosis’. This condition needs to be immediately treated by a gynecologist or else it may cause serious health complications.

A woman with suspected cyst growth is confirmed only after a physical pelvic examination is done by a gynecologist. Endometriomas is identified by MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. Ultrasound scanning is done in order to ensure the doctor’s diagnosis. Most of the times Blood test are performed because pregnancy is mistaken with endometriosis in few people.

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