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Facebook privacy

Facebook is the first stop to many in any web surfing session. It helps you update your status, look into other’s and comment on them but did you ever wonder how Facebook offers all these for free?

Facebook isn’t really free. Facebook could offer this service by exchanging the personal data of users which is very much valuable to most marketers as they are highly detailed. Those who are interested in your personal details get easy access using the Application programming interface. What ever you do on Facebook mirrors on the social graph that Facebook has created. Facebook’s plans are very big and ambitious. To be plain, the whole strategy is based upon on a single aim that how to make money from you. Are you wondering how much your data worth? Learn more.

Unlimited access:

Facebook has granted unlimited access to whatever to do relating to the site. The status you are updating is very important and if set cheaply, it will definitely cost you more. There are sites like and shuffle status which gives some status updates. You can look into which is suitable for you and update directly to your profile. However neither of the sites is related to Facebook. The status updates and the photos you upload will cost you more. Let us consider a situation: You are fighting to claim your health benefits but the company has all the rights to look into your photos in Facebook and if you have uploaded something like enjoying in a party or so, then the company has all the rights to reject what ever you have asked.

Instant personalization:

Few months ago, Pandora and Facebook launched an online radio station in Pandora sites in which user can use their Facebook account and look into their friends profile on what tracks they were listening. Pandora becoming a partner of Facebook means that it can look into your personal details for giving suggestion on tracks that might be suitable for you.

Lot of applications comes along with Facebook, especially games including FarmVille, Café World, Mafia Wars etc. They are obviously not free like the Facebook itself. Once you accept the application, it runs the iframe which is a widely used tool in internet which lets the applications content into Facebook. At the initial stages, those applications required to refresh the Facebook data every 24 hours but after April 18, the requirement no longer existed. Accepting the application means that you have given full permission to those to look and copy your data. Will you believe if we say that FarmVille, a game application designed by Zynga is valued $4bn. Just imagine the value of Facebook.

Privacy changes:

You personal data when left in wrong hands can be heavily exploited. One threat that is lurking since 2008 is the Koobface worm that has grown more sophisticated now that it can create it own account, become friends with strangers and make them join groups. As a result of this, hundreds of thousands of users faced problem. Above all, they can gain your login credentials as said by Beth Jones who is a threat researcher at the Sophos Labs. Recently a hacker has published that he has a million accounts and is ready to sell them for various prices depending upon the contacts they include. But in New York times, an articles said that Facebook has found the claim credible. Facebook faced a strong public backlash and as a result, it developed security measures mainly concentrated on three things: powerful control for basic information, single control to your content and turning off all the applications. Let us discuss those in detail.

You can customize between who can view your post like friends, friends of friends or specific friends. Another update lets you keep your basic information controlled only by you. Using this you can block people from viewing your page but Zuckerberg did not recommend it as once you block your profile information, the site remains useless for you. Facebook has offered an easy way to turn off personalization completely.

Facebook’s new features:

Facebook introduced some interesting new features at the Facebook developer’s conference called f8. Using these features, you can share online articles in your page with you friends. Facebook is to include a Social bar plug, which is a tool bar very similar to that you see now at the bottom of the page. The bar is to include features like Chat. Instant personalization is another feature. For example Pandora is a music streaming service and has partnered with Facebook and hence now it can look into your Facebook account regarding your music listings on the profile.

These Instant personalization is available currently only in U.S. and yet to hit in U.K. If you do not wish to proceed with such instant personalization then you can visit the Privacy settings page and deactivate it. Another way to opt out is by choosing the No Thanks button that pops up when visiting such sites.

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