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DotFit Reviews

Are you in a hurry to reach your fitness goal? Are you puzzled with the ways to lose weight? Are you not able to track the progress towards losing weight?

If you are blindly moving the stick in the dark to lose weight then you are on the wrong path. It’s completely meaningless if you don’t have something to track your progress. Know your goals, have effective planning and give a new break to your life with Dot Fit Exerspy. It is an easy-to-use armband that can be used anytime and anywhere while working. It is an amazing innovation that not only helps you record the time but also give the approximation of the amount of calories burnt.

It even shows the exact activity undergone. It records and informs you whether your workout was low, high or moderate. In other senses, it shows the rate of your activity. It even rates the efficiency of your sleep that is a must in order to maintain a healthy and sound life. An adequate sleep is always recommended by health experts and doctors.

In order to use it in a perfect technique you need to use the dotFIT Me computer program as well. The data recorded or collected in the light weighted armband needed to be uploaded in the computer to let you know your daily progress. Your reports get recorded in black and white on order to make you realize how much calories you need to take or how long you need to continue your workouts. You can change your exercises according to the reports.

The program in needed to run your dotFIT Exerspy and dotFIT me computer program is either Internet Explorer 7.0 and above or Firefox. This is an incredible program that can help you maximize your workout results since you can actually know what you up to are. It is available only on the product site.

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