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Dell ST2420 Monitor Review

Dell ST2420 Monitor has a 24 inch display and cannot fault it too harshly as it has well designed OSD. It costs $239 and unfortunately there are laptops which offer great features at similar prices. It has HDMI and DVI and is easy on the eyes. But the OSD buttons are unresponsive; connections are difficult to reach and have uninspiring games and movie performance. Dell ST2420 is covered for just one year and you need to pay extra $50 for 2 more years of coverage. It sports only a VGA cable.

Design and Features

Dell ST2420 has a 24 inch display with smooth rounded corners with glossy piano black like chassis. The bezel on the right and left sides is 0.75 inches short. Initially the panel thickness is 0.6 inches and to include connections options and ventilation system it extends another 1.75 inches back which makes the panel’s full depth to 2.35 inches. Below the Dell logo in the bezel’s bottom middle is the LED which creates a cool look when it illuminates. But the light emitted does not satisfactorily illuminate the onscreen display in the dark.

There is a 2.25 inch distance between the desktop and the bottom of the bezel. The monitor when knocked from the sides will not be stable due to a small diameter of the circular foot stand which is 8 inches. The monitor includes no other ergonomic options except for a 10 degree back tilt. There is a Dell logo at the middle back of the monitor. Below this are many connection options such as DVI, HDMI and VGA. As a cable option it includes only VGA cable. The placement of DVI port is downward and need to turn the monitor sideways to see them clearly which is particularly annoying.

The OSD array is aligned vertically at the face of the bezel at the lower right hand corner. The touch areas are denoted by small grey dot which is used in place of buttons. By touching any dots the OSD menu pops up and corresponds to one of the four touch areas. The top two dots become navigation arrow buttons when a new menu comes up as the touch area functions changes. The display in the dark room is not clear due to touch areas inconsistent responsiveness and poor illumination.

It includes OSD options like contrast, standard brightness and various color options. Video and graphics are the two separate categories of presets. There are 6 presets for graphics, they are: Multimedia, Warm, Game, Standard, Custom and Cool. Some of the video presets are: Game, Movie, nature and Sports. Certain presets can also adjust settings such as sharpness, hue and color saturation. OSD can stay onscreen up to a minute with additional options. There are no speakers and VESA support.

Display: 24 inch

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1.920 x 1,080

Audio: Audio in and out

No of Presets: 10

Screen film: Matte

Price: $239


Dell ST2420 display has low luminance level and static ghosting with sparse evidence. Monitor did not over saturate colors and was able to display dark details clearly in a movie. The black text on white background had no color problems and has 6.8 size fronts. It is best to check the vibrancy and color quality in games. Dell ST2420 doesn’t excel in movies or games and is best used for general purpose. Dell ST2420 has good power consumption with power draw of 19.62 watts.

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