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Cowon X7 PMP Review

Cowon has always managed to keep its grade in US, at least a little but most consumers recognize Cowon with its commitment rather than its product’s sound quality. The 160GB player comes with a 4.3-inch display but above everything, its battery life really amazes. It has a woofing battery life of 10 hours video playback. It also means that you get 100 hours of audio playback. You however have to adjust with some sacrifices like lack of WiFi module.

Design & Features:

X7 with no doubt is stylish like its predecessors V5 and A3. The PMP (Portable Media Player) is designed with some simple curves and is given a matte black finish. It is not the lightest PMP weighing at 0.46 pounds showing that it is not contrast either, considering especially the 160GB storage space and the amazing battery life. Cowon’s PMP are always good for watching videos and the X7 is no exception. The display resolution however now is been bumped to 480x272p.

We are disappointed with just the resistive display but we are satisfied with the response. Most resistive displays respond only for fingernails inputs but it is not the case here. Do not expect the multi-touch gestures but you do get swiping motions. Most of the applications are usable only in portrait mode.

You get a built in FM Radio, audio recorder and also image viewer. Some other notable features include the stopwatch, calculator, notepad etc. We were wondering why a browser is been included as there is no WiFi support but finally came to know that it is just a image browser.

Control and Connection options:

As advertised, the X7 has controls for volume and Menu buttons. Connection options include a 3.5 mm headphone jack, power switch and the USB port. The speaker is present right at the front which is fair enough for one to watch a movie. The USB data cable is not a standard one and hence make sure the cable included in the box is safe. Once connected to your computer, transferring files are that easy as you do between folders, Just drag and drop.


Response is very snappy and if you need one word about the performance, it is “Great”. Although audio quality is been only a second recognition for the Cowon, it has never let us down. Audio quality is definitely one among the best PMPs’. The included equalizer, JefEffect and BBE equalization are of world standards.


X7’s design is lovely as usual but two disappointing facts about the X7 are the low resolution and the included non-standard data cable. We sure need to applaud the battery life offered and the 160 GB storage space. Finally the X7 is not more than a media player in any way as there is no WiFi support which means that you cannot web browse or have access to any of the apps. If this is a major concern for you then Zune HD or the Apple iPod touch is definitely the one for you. Cowon X7 is priced at $319.99 which is $70 more than the iPod classic but the iPod has a lower audio quality, supports less formats and above all the battery life, not even half of that offered by the X7.

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