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Can a Woman with PCOS get Pregnant?

The most common question that a woman who is diagnosing for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) asks is will I get pregnant? The answer for this question would be quite based on some researches and studies and it says that 80 to 90% of chances of getting pregnancy are there in case of women with PCOS. It is very hard to answer this question as doctors have found that many do have healthy babies and some are unable to conceive inspite of following several medications and procedures.

The reason behind this is the problem with the women i.e. they are unable to ovulate properly and in time. Some women do ovulate but the eggs will be unhealthy this causes the fertilization of the unhealthy eggs leading to the defects in the new born baby. The problem with the conceived women is the higher chances of miscarriages because they might have had baby with the help of suppositories or progesterone. Some women have found out the ways of increasing the chances of conceiving successfully and naturally without any medical intervention through learning how to detect the process of ovulation through basal body temperatures and cervical mucus. They are involved in losing their excess weight, reducing stress, taking natural herbs, all these which causes proper ovulation.

The women who come with the problem in conceiving are given insulin sensitizing drugs most of the times and it has done wonders many times since they are able to get pregnant successfully. It seems that PCOS symptoms are known to disappear once they become older.

One thing we can say is that women who have tried many ways of getting pregnant even with IVF, have not succeeded sometimes but most of the women with PCOS do get pregnant with PCOS. Treatments like natural and medical both plays a very important role in achieving the fertility status, and it is also required to prevent emotional and physical trauma in patients.

A healthy diet especially a low carbohydrate diet along with regular exercises is prescribed for those with PCOS. When all these measures are known to be in fail then a laparoscopic surgery is performed so as to remove ovarian cysts, which are the results of PCOS.

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