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Brain Cancer Treatment

As all of us know, any kind of Cancer is due to the abnormal cell division and growth of body cells. Similarly, Brain Cancer is caused by the abnormal cell division of brain cells. It can arise from the primary brain cells or it can be due to the transmission of the cancerous cells from other parts of the body through the blood stream.

Cancerous cells gradually lose their normal characteristics and they get transformed to rapid growth and they tend to multiply to form masses of cells called as “tumors”.

Brain Cancer Treatment depends on the factors like patient’s age, tumor’s size, location, grade of the tumor and the type of the tumor. The most common types of Cancer treatments are surgery that involves the physical removal of the tumor from the affected region, radiation therapy through which an effective strong rays are made to fall on the affected area so as to kill the cancerous cells but in this type of therapy, it also affects the healthy cells along with the cancerous cells.

A physical operation involves the removal of the tumor without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues. A brain tumor that appears on the brain casing requires less invasive surgery than in case of craniotomy where the surgeon needs to open the skull and search for the tumor which will be present deeper into the brain.

Radiation therapies are the part of the cancer treatments where in radiating rays are used to focus the cancerous cells in order to destroy them. The rays are monitored and administered by the external machines that target on the cancer tumors. One of the recent approaches of killing the cancerous tumor is implanting a radioactive material within the tumor by doing the surgery.

Chemotherapy is one of the common treatments that most of the cancer patients undergo. The chemotherapy drugs are available in the form of pill or fluid. It is also implanted inside the tumor which will be in the form of wafer form. These help to dissolve the cancerous cells effectively.

Patients after the surgery need to attend some rehabilitation sessions since the treatment involves the implementation of the drugs in the areas which surrounds motor control, sight, cognition and speech areas. They may get affected by chance hence it is good to attend such programs for example: physical therapy and speech therapy.

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  1. Brain cancer says:

    Brain cancer are anomalous cell growths in the brain. Brain cancers are of many types. Not all tumors are cancer. Malignant tumors are can be called as cancer. Brain cancer can cause if radiation is given to head or person is infected with HIV etc. If anyone finds symptoms of it, should immediately consult to doctor.

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