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BlueAnt X3 Bluetooth Headset Review

BlueAnt Wireless Pty. Ltd has won a couple of awards for the design of the X3 micro Bluetooth headset.  The product looks awesome but it not light. The usage of Bluetooth headset has become a recent trend among the users. Many people do not consider it to be stylish to hold the handset in order to speak to someone. Moreover, these devices are preferred for the comfort that they provide. It is available for a cost of $69.99 which is inexpensive when compared with the other Bluetooth headsets. It has an excellent design but fails to deliver good and quality sound.


The X3 micro measures 2 x 1 x 0.5 inches in length, width and thickness. It is available in a variety of colors such as red, gold, bronze, hot pink, cool white and black. It appears good on the ear. This is true with or without the ear hook which is detachable. The device is however not perfect on the ear without the ear hook. This is independent of the ear tip which is used. It totals to a weight of 13 grams which is not that comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable USB type power cord which is spectacular.  It can be molded and twisted in any direction. It has a multifunction button and a couple of volume buttons. These make the device to be easy to use. The package includes a charging cable, a car charger, an AC wall charger, two foam ear bud covers, two removable ear hooks and a soft gel ear bud cover.  


The multifunction button takes care of most of the functions of the headset and the rest of the functions are carried out by the two volume buttons. The multifunction button performs the answering, ending and rejecting of calls, powering the device on and off, activating ad canceling voice dialing and carrying out voice dials from the second and the third paired handsets. It can also turn off the LED indicator. The volume control buttons not only increase or decrease the volume, they are also used to activate the pairing mode for the second time. When the minus button is used along with the multifunction button, it ends the Bluetooth connection between the handset and the device. It also transfers the audio from the headset to the phone. When all the three buttons are pressed together, the pairing information that is stored on the device gets deleted.


The pairing of the X3 micro with a handset is a snappy process. The handset has to turned off and the device has to be turned on. This will automatically activate the pairing mode. When the handset is turned on and a search is started in the Bluetooth menu for a new device, the X3 will be detected. It requires a pass code and then it is ready to use. When pairing the X3 with another device, there is one more step which has to be done. The volume button has to be pressed and held to enter in to the pairing mode. The X3 can be paired with up to 3 Bluetooth devices when it is in the pairing mode. The headset will flash in red and blue colors when it is in the pairing mode.

Sound Quality

The fatal flaw of the X3 is the sound quality it produces. Even when used in a silent environment without any background noise, the sound is not clear. Using it in a noisy environment is highly difficult. The usage of the X3 in a car is simple impossible. The voice cannot be heard on both the ends. The quality of sound is awful in this case. The Bluetooth devices have to sound good when used in the cars. This is one of the main desires in using them. The transmission of sound and voice is the main purpose of the Bluetooth headsets and the design is just a secondary factor. The X3 has failed to serve this purpose. It also lacks the noise isolation feature that is present in many of today’s headsets.


The X3 has a lithium polymer battery which is rechargeable. It is claimed by BlueAnt to  have a talk time of about 7 hour and a stand by time of about 180 hours. The charging time is quite short ranging from 1.5 hours to a maximum of 2 hours. There is a flexible USB cord for charging which is a good inclusion. There are three methods of charging the device. It can be plugged in to the USB port of a computer or used with the car charger or with the traditional AC wall charger.


The BlueAnt has mastered the attributes of design and functionality of the design in the X3. The company has to improve the design of the ear tips to provide more comfort. The technology has to be overhauled completely. The sound quality of the headset is poor when used in vehicles. Pros –small size, easy to use, good design and functionality, excellent look and feel, three charging methods, included car charger, good range and flexible USB charger cord. Cons –not too comfortable to wear and awful sound quality.


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