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Sony Ericsson S312 Review

Sony Ericsson S312 is primarily designed for instantaneous video and photo. The phone incorporates many features inspite of being available a low price. The phone has faces of a silver tinge with its rear and front walls colored dark blue. The display of mirror sheeting is original and is placed in a frame of plastic with a smooth ‘rolled’ at the edge. The display’s perimeter does not have a plastic frame which gives the mobile phone, a new and appealing look. The phone can be held in your hand easily and attracts the eye.


The phone has a display representing a tiny diagonal and has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels, which makes the videos and photographs to be viewed in difficulty, but the 262,000 colors offers you complete details. The clarity and brightness of the phone is marvelous. The angle of viewing is not good though. The camera of the phone has a resolution of 2 Mega pixels. But the inbuilt camera does not have the ‘Autofocus’ feature. The camera has buttons additionally and is located close to the LED flash and the lens.

There are a few drawbacks in the camera. The image quality is not improved by the exposure adjustments. Tiny details are absent, noise is present in large scale while shooting in the bright sunlight and in complex lights, automation is completely lost. Color reproduction of the camera is superb. The video clips have a pretty good quality but while playing back footage, a little amount of noise is present and some details are absent. In total we can say that the camera is convenient, fast and easy to shoot.


You can connect to the Internet via EDGE and GPRS modules. The voice quality and the reception of the new items in the measure of sensitivity are quite good. Connectivity is offered by Bluetooth and the A2DP profile offers compatibility with wireless headphones. Bluetooth is tested on data and sample communications with HP’s Pocket PCs. The devices trace each other quickly, but the data transmission on your system is really slow, at a rate of 0.13Mbps.

Various multimedia features are included in the handset. Audio player is unique with the neutral interface; you have many options available such as level controls high and low frequencies and the 4-band EQ. You have a special feature where in one image can impose another image present in the list of digital effects of the phone. But, the images get scattered on the menu, unlike assembling in one multimedia unit, which occurs in other expensive phones of Sony.

The FM radio is situated in the main page and is allocated to a distinct tab. The FM module is set in order to receive RDS messages, which is really great. In conclusion, the phone has a fresh design, very comfortable, has a long battery lifetime and a huge set of hardware is present in it.

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