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Sony BDP-N460 Blu-ray Disc Player Review

The Sony Blu-ray player will play the movies of Blu-ray disc in full HD at 1080p. It can instantly stream online entertainment from the famous providers. It will upscale the DVD’s to almost HD. It features ‘BD Live Ready.’ It also features ‘DTS-HD Master Audio’ decoding and ‘Dolby TrueHD.’ The disc player has its dimensions, 8.1 x 16.9 x 2.2 inches and weighs 4.6 pounds. Its shipping weight is 10 pounds.

While playing the Blu-ray DVDs and Discs, the Sony player can stream one of the greatest premium collections and entertainment on-demand which is free from the Internet Video Platform of ‘BRAVIA’, which includes millions of TV programs, music and movies from more than 25 renowned content providers, which includes Slacker, Netflix and YouTube.

You have to simply plug the Sony player onto the Internet connection that exists currently. It can support DTS-HD audio codecs and Dolby TrueHD for nearly 7.1 channels of HD sound. You have a start-up mode called ‘Quick Start’ which is fast and will operate the disc player in approx 6 sec from when it is switched on. You may also upscale and play the standard DVDs to near HD. The navigation of the menus of the player is great due to the XMB (Xross Media Bar) menu system which is icon-based.

The player can perform DVD upscaling by using HDMI which will make your standard DVDs that exist appear superb on your high definition TV by upscaling it to near high definition quality. The Sony player permits you to stream audio through HDMI to a receiver that is capable or via analog 7.1 outputs for the highest compatibility with the receivers at the high end.

The ‘BD-Live Technology ‘ permits you to stream and download bonus content like extra shots, movie-based games, scenes, trailers and many more. Having ‘Bonus View,’ you can also enjoy the capability of ‘picture-in-picture’ with certain titles of Blu-ray. For that, external memory which has to be purchased separately is essential. The Ethernet port allows you to plug the Sony player to an existing broadband connection at your home for accessing bonus features on Blu-ray disc movies which are enabled by BD-Live.

The x.v.Color output can play discs of AVCHD format while supporting the xvYCC color standard which is international, which produces images with almost twice the viewable colors as the existing color standard of RGB. The ‘BRAVIA Sync technology’ allow you to completely enjoy the comfort of a single remote control to control and operate all the home entertainment devices which are compatible.

It uses the function, ‘HDMI CEC’ to quickly switch on and controls the HDMI-plugged components that are compatible without using any remote control. The feature, ‘24p True Cinema technology’ allows you to watch movies at their expected frame rate of 24fps. You can also enjoy the manner in which every scene of the movie is shot and mastered along with cinematic picture quality.

The circuitry of ‘Precision Cinema HD Upscale’ generates powerful and accurate images with detail and clarity which are great whether it is a video or a film. The circuitry utilizes processing and conversion at the level of pixels, than at the scan lines complete level. Also, distinct algorithms are used for processing the still and moving parts of the image which results in crisp backgrounds with objects that are moving which is free from the artifacts of motion.

The interface, ‘Xross Media Bar’ is simple and impulsive for navigating user settings, television menus and controls. Along with an Ethernet which is inbuilt, the disc player consists of built-in software that makes the connection of your player to the wireless network that is existing, very convenient by matching the WET (Wireless Ethernet Bridge) of Linksys which is optional, to the home router. Or you may utilize the Ethernet port which is built-in to access a wired connection.

The features for convenience are child lock, video bit rate indicator and parental controls. The Sony Company provides a 1 year warrant for labor and parts for this device. Analog audio outputs of multi-channel, internal memory and wireless connectivity that is inbuilt are absent. These are some of the drawbacks of this disc player.

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  1. The Sony BDP-N460 is a great piece of equipment. Down grading it because it doesn’t have 1 GB of on board storage is absurd when you can buy 4 GB for $16.00 or less. Furthermore, what’s the big deal about not having built-in wifi when the the absolute best you can get off a wireless network is 54 Mbips. If you are buying the unit to stream Netflix, then use a wired ethernet connection that runs at 400 Mbips or faster

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