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Smoke Assist Review

smokeThere are many of us who want to quit smoking but do not know how to go about it. Thera re many thing we try starting from a nicotine chewing gum to an alternate habit of drinking water. None of these can actually replace the strange satisfaction which a cigarette tar or smoke can yield. Although the smoke is a great thing for the people who smoke, it is very harmful for the people who do not smoke. There are many things which it may imply. Smokers and the people around them are the most susceptible to the cancer cells. There are many alternatives of cigarette smoking one of them is the e cigarette.

Smoke Assist is a great product, it is an electronic cigarette. It has a micro chip and works on the technology of the micro sensation. Thee are cartridges which constitute a cigarette. These cartridges have a great nicotine sensation. There are many reasons behind people not being able to quit smoking one of them is the lack of nicotine in other alternatives. This e cigarette is the right product as it ensues that you have a great anti nicotine regime without  any nicotine in the sensor chip.

It is a totally revolutionary product which gives you the sensation of smoking , now, you can smoke even in the public places. There is a USB chargeable LI- battery and four cigarette filters, each of the filters is equivalent to twenty cigarettes. Each filter has great tobacco sensation of its own. You can light up and put off the e cigarette whenever you want. The cigarette is a great way to say no to tobacco and nicotine. It is also termed as an initiative towards zero cancer world.

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25 Responses to "Smoke Assist Review"

  1. Gary OIdfield says:

    I agree a Company who offers something fot free then asks for a credit card should not be allowed to advertise on the internet or elsewhere. It just dont make sense. I,d never buy from such a company. I have been thinking of trying these for a while now but not now.

  2. janet says:

    Dear smoke, Please don’t offer some thing for free then ask for a credit card. This is false advertisement!!!!!!! Please don’t send any e-mails to my box!!!!!! Makes me mad when a company offers something free then wants a credit card!!!!!!

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