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Review on Samsung Moment


Now is the world of Android. Who will be the conqueror in this field is yet unclear. Whether keyboard less sequence or else QWERTY sliders? Anyways this competition is not at all necessary though! As there is room for everyone round here, in this particular place Sprint has taken its leading step by offering its new Android inculcated, keyboard interleaved Samsung Moment to compete with the HTC Hero which was released a few weeks ago. Samsung Moment is astonishingly young and new, having QWERTY Android phone with AMOLED display and ARM11 core with 800 MHz. Having all these stuffs in one phone is really a challenging work and Moment has achieved this. A speedy 800MHz processor conveys pleasing and promising experience of Android. We will now find out whether this has actually come out in flying colors or not. You can check out yourself regarding software equipped in it, social network assimilation and every other spec. So, do hold on till the end.

The moment you see the keyboard of Moment, you will be overwhelmed with those decent travel, large keys and audible click to let you know whether you have pressed that particular key or not and is a replica of the regular keyboard. The positions of the function keys and space bar are so maddening that you feel sick of using those. Fn key is offset to letter ‘A’ in the keyboard. The ‘A’ button and ‘Z’ button arrangement are a little bit annoying and confuses us while using them. Apart from this, Moment’s keyboard is great having cool finger room around the number row.

Regarding screen of the Samsung Moment, you can’t say a word too. With AMOLED screen and panel, contrast and brightness is awesome. Screen is of 3.2 inch with LCD TFT type. The Moment’s screen slides a bit higher giving it a pretty massive footprint when you open it. There is an optical touch pad underneath which is found to be erratic and prone to recognition glitches. This is sometimes smoothly manageable with precise flounce but sometimes it’s very fussy. The Moment mixes up by adding an optical pad instead of trackball and the Menu, back and Home keys are touch perceptive buttons but not same in the case of call/end buttons. Camera shortcut button is on the side and below it; there is a voice command shortcut. Samsung has replaced voice control application of Goggle with the third party alternative and there are some obvious changes in function of this app.

Now turning our attention towards ports and controls, 3.5mm stereo and micro-USB are moderately robust parts in here. One more thing which is very much exciting is the call quality in Moment. It is very loud. The earpiece is clear as well as loud while the speakerphone is loudest, ever heard on any mobile. Though voices get grubby at its top sound level, it’s still recognizable. If it’s a conference call, sumptuous of fifty people can surround the table and speak. Camera is a 3.2MP with outstanding LED flash and auto focus, but the images are frequently average with noise interrupting at high levels. Contrast rich display is available in this phone without color effect, white balance; scene support and macro focus as we can see these in Android 2.0. Samsung has neglected this rather than it has overlooked! More time is required to boot into camera mode and take up the shots. Even with those shortcut keys, it’s very lethargic to boot into camera mode and it even lags in-between pressing of those button and take snaps. We can’t clearly picture out whether this problem is from the autofocus or from something else. Even if you want to take a still image, it finally ends up with a blur picture.

If you want to upload the photos you have taken into Facebook, MySpace, Youtube or Photobucket, there is an automatic preloaded application from Android which helps you in sharing good snaps with your closed ones by uploading them via shortcut gallery app. Webkit supported browser is implemented in Moment. It also has a touchscreen which lacks multitouch zoom but the Google map is as expected. The web navigation which is preloaded will be charged by that scrupulous carrier. In this NASCAR, NFL and Sprint TV apps are also present with Wifi connection and EVDO Rev.A for media brook.

Moxier mail is used for the exchange support which is flexible enough to support both local and server searches. Here Android playback media apps are not that much special though Moment has 3.5mm socket for headphone. microSD card is used for minimal storage here. If you want to confiscate this card, you need to take out the battery with its cover itself.  Battery is a 440mAh Li-Ion horde, which can be recharged via micro-USB which is again covered by an exasperating port flap. Battery will back up only for 5.5hrs of talktime.  With minimal usage you can pull over that charge for a full day with single time charging. This is quite awful to see low battery in the mid of second day, so you need to charge it daily come what may! By pulling off GSP and emails you can a little bit extent the standby time of the battery.

The cost of Moment is quite dashing with $179.99 which makes their rival jealous. Moment though it’s not sleek, it’s significantly more imposing. It’s quite a large phone but it sets into your hand as a brick and it has a soft touch back which makes you sure by sticking in your pocket. The Sprint has signed a bond with Samsung for two years when the Moment was released on Nov 1st. The price of Moment is quite closer to Verizon Droid by Motorola. These Android mobiles are not inspirational or you might say these are not same when compared to the mind blowing iphones which are in market right now. We would like to have new, prettier, sleeker and most advanced version of Android that has more reflection out on Google and OHA offers.  Good that Samsung has extended its hand to give us first keyboard Android inculcated mobile. This is a swing as well as a miss for Samsung. Hope to get some thing better and newer than all of this henceforth.

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3 Responses to "Review on Samsung Moment"

  1. Laura says:

    I like the phone a lot, but it is has if Samsung forgot they were making a phone and at the last minute said ” oh sh#@, this is suppose to be a phone. So, I l ove all the cool stuff it does, but I dont really like the phone part of it at all. It is so confusing sometimes. It dosen’t always light up, so you cant look at the caller ID. It is not a great phone at all. It is hard to tell if you have hung up from the call, so a few times it was 5 minutes went by and it was still not hung up. All and all I am going to keep it, but if you are looking for the phone features it is hard to use.

  2. Kieran says:

    I picked up this phone last week…and I’m blown away!!! The processor is stupid fast and touch response is seemless.

    Where you *REALLY* win with this phone is the camera. I guess due to the fact Samsung has been making good point/shoot cameras for a while they got that down. You can really tell with this one. It takes amazing pictures… I was out partying this weekend, and people were shocked at the quality of pictures I was able to capture in low lighting. The flash on this camera will make people cover their eyes when it lights up in a dark room. It’s ONLY fall back is it takes like 2s to capture the image so no action shots. It does do GREAT job for stills. The facebook integration famous people along with Sprints mobile network make uploading pics easy. I did it only 30s after taking the picture in a club.

    The slideout keyboard works great too.

    Another great feature is the micro-usb connector. No special charger cables needed. Voice quality is excellent and integration with Pandora or other streaming music is a breeze. I can listen to voicemail while STILL listening to Pandora. I don’t miss any calls while streaming music either, the music just stops and the call begins once I pick it up. With the ringer playing over the music.

    This is truly integration at it’s finest. What’s an iPhone now?


  3. Pharmd385 says:

    Very nice site!

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