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Review on Lenovo IdeaPad S12-2959 (Ion)

Lenovo IdeaPad S12-2959 (Ion)


Lenovo has unleashed its new mini notebook called IdeaPad S12-2959 to the market. This notebook has a robust build quality, design is solid, has a good sound quality, keyboard is great and the screen of the notebook is also bright and vibrant. Some of the details and specifications are provided below.


This notebook has been incorporated with the 1.6 GHz Intel Atoms N270, 3GB of memory 667MHz DDR2, integrated Nvidia Ion graphics, 320GB hard drive which runs at 5400rpm, Windows 7 of 32Bit (Home Premium) is used as OS. The dimension of the screen of the notebook is 11.5inches x 9.2inches and the height of the device is 0.9inch. The screen size is 12.1inch and this system weighs around 4pounds with the AC adapter. This celebrity news laptop comes under the category of Netbook though it is referred to as the mini notebook. The price of this system is in between $599 – $650 which depends upon the configuration.

2 versions of the processor is available one is with the Via Nano ULV and the other is with N270 Intel Atom. If Nvidia Ion processor is required then Intel Atom must be chosen. The system is well in proportion and is compact too with black matte plastic casing at the outer side and the lid of the casing is made up of glossy plastic pattern of varying polka-dots. This laptop is very much attractive when looked inside rather than outside which is regarded as the dust collector.

The keyboard is surrounded by the black matte smooth plastic and the 12inch screen is glossy and also the screen is surrounded by a glossy plastic. The looks of this gadget is stylish as well as professional and far better than the ThinkPad. The size of the touch pad is increased and also the full keyboard gives a comfy feeling. The feeling of this laptop is more real. The keyboard of this notebook is solid and gives the most comfortable experience while using.

Several devoted keys are notified above the keyboard for muting, control of volume and also with that is the QuickStart key which launches the OS named Splashtop instant-on. The music player, browser and the photo viewer in this system load faster and are also serviceable with this Windows 7 OS. The loading is dome faster than booting. There is software called facial recognition security which operates off the OneKey data recovery / backup and the Webcam keys which are included with this keyboard. The native resolution of the screen is 1280 x 800pixels and is also LCD type.

Working on the office docs and the Web browsing is easy with these screen effects. The supplementary screen real estate has created a difference on the productivity level. These are the advantages of this laptop though the weight of the unit increases with this supplementary addition. If the user wants productivity then he can go for this computer or if portability is required then, this unit is not recommended.


The main features of this laptop are that it has a VGA video out with microphone / headphone jacks and stereo speakers for audio. A SD card reader is also provided with 3 ports for 2.0 USB. Ethernet and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi are offered for networking and also Bluetooth. The only hitch is that no slot for expansion is offered and there are no optical drives in here.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12-2959 (Ion)-1


With the Ion processor added to this unit, the multitasking of the multimedia has been helped a lot. The performance of iTunes and Photoshop has been enhanced. With some tasks, this unit lags very behind in speed. Even though RAM speed is good, the overall performance and speed of the unit is not convincing. The ultimate gaming can be played with this HD graphics enhancing Nvidia Ion. The Unreal Tournament 3 game ran with the speed of 16.5fps which had 1200 x 800pixels resolution.

Some stuttering are found while streaming the videos in full screen 480p Hulu playback with 10.1 beta Flash installed. The real bottleneck in this unit is the Atom processor. The life of the 6 cell battery is rated to deliver only 3hrs and 45mins of backup which is quite acceptable. One year Labor and industry standards warranty has been tagged with this unit by Lenovo. A toll free phone support is made available 24-7 and also online based knowledge support and driver downloads are also made available to the users anytime they want. The snagging factor is the price of this system which would have been made less for its performance.

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