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Resveratrol Supplement and the way to Consume

Resveratrol is a powerful anti oxidant found in red grape skins. Resveratrol anti oxidants help slowing down the aging process. Scientists and doctors have been reporting for decades that red wine helps fight cardiovascular disease. Reverartrol is the resveratrol-anti-aginganti oxidant in red wine that is the major factor preventing cardio vascular disease.

Scientists have found extraction technologies to take resveratrol out of red grapes. In fact some researchers are reporting that they have developed technologies that allow resveratrol supplements to contain 350 glasses of red wine in one capsule! This powerful concentration of resveratrol has created a very powerful anti oxidant.

The resveratrol supplement market is booming. Many engineering companies who have extraction technologies have moved into the resveratrol supplement market. The extraction is the most critical step to creating a great resveratrol product. The reason for this is that the body can absorb natural resveratrol better than synthetic resveratrol. The body finds it difficult to break down and absorb synthetic supplements thus it is always advisable to go for natural extracts. Have you ever noticed that your urine is extra yellow soon after taking a supplement? This is because your body didn’t absorb the ingredients full and your body is getting rid of the fillers. We would always recommend a natural resveratrol supplement.

It should be noted that resveratrol supplement has only been tested on mice. The findings were nothing short of extraordinary, consumers need to be aware to avoid the marketing hype. Many retailers selling resveratrol supplements are stating some very high level claims, such as resveratrol can prevent cancer. There is research to suggest this is the case. Resveratrol supplements are not a health cure, they are just a supplement to aid a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Resveratrol has had enormous coverage in the weight loss market. Advertisers have been claiming that resveratrol increases the metabolic rate, and can aid in weight loss. Is it true? Well the initial studies in mice certainly would suggest that it would. However, there have been no human trials yet. If human medical trials proves that it does, then it will be a world wide marketing frenzy!

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