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Resveratrol Cancer treatment

resveratrol-anti-agingThere is good news for patients of prostate cancer as well as those who are at risk of developing other types of cancers. Developments in this area of research reveal that the compound that can potentially provide cure and prevention for this chronic disease is resveratrol.

More than a decade ago, this polyphenol that is typically found in red grapes and other berries was initially proposed as a multi-stage protector for all types of cancers. At first, it was noticed only for its high antioxidant content which can inhibit heart diseases from developing.

It then became a popular subject among researchers and scientists in many published papers. As new research results unfold, it has been found that resveratrol is more than a protector; it is a possible agent that can fight off the disease.

As of yet, there are 12 known mechanisms by which resveratrol work to prevent the development and spread of cancer cells in the body. What’s even better is that the compound is showing indications that it can destroy cancer cells and tumors.

Resveratrol’s preventive property is attributed mainly to its capacity to prevent DNA damages. In one of the many studies, it was found that this works by preventing the abduction between DNA and estrogen, which is typically the initiation stage of the disease.

Another property that makes this polyphenol a good candidate for cure is its toxic effects on cancer cells. However, it does not pose any harm to normal cells. In fact, resveratrol supplementation can actually deliver health benefits to the consumer. For one, it can repair heart-related diseases and anomalies such as poor blood circulation, coronary heart disease, and artery damages. Further, it has the capacity to inhibit the growth of cells. It should be noted that this is one of the few aims of resveratrol cancer treatment is the most appealing natural healing treatment for cancer.

The future will still decide whether resveratrol is the cure for cancer. As of now, it is a huge step forward to have found a compound that serves as an agent against the disease.

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