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Nokia 6350 Review


Nokia has made its second AT&T mobile 6350 naked which will be into market by this autumn. The design is sleeker than its predecessor but if you are a multimedia maniac then it will definitely disappoint you because it is not multimedia handset. This handset is more helpful for basic communication and even the price of this handset is affordable and also the quality of call is decent. Nokia has made this an attractive handset with its impressive design.

This mobile is slim with supple lines and the material covering the back and front of the handset is a soft material. Like Nokia’s recent models which were released in US, this handset has an arc like fashion when the handset is opened and held in hand. 3.67 x 1.86 x 0.68 is the dimension of this handset and it weighs around 3.62oz. 6350 when held in hand gives a solid, comfy feeling and also is a portable model. 6350 comes in two colors, one is red and the other is gray (graphite) but there are no changes in the features.

This handset is said to be free from the harmful materials as per Nokia’s statement and around 80% of the parts can be recycled. 6350 has external 1.36in display which supports 262,244 colors i.e., 160 x 128 pixels of native resolution, which is pretty sharp for its size. The display shows the battery life, date, signal strength, photo caller, time and works as View finder for external display. Below the display are the buttons which are dedicated to control the music and above the display, camera lens is placed.


The keys which are present at the downside are small and it has to be firmly pressed. To the left side of the phone is the push to talk button and volume controller which are small but the feel is felt with no difficulty. A 2.5mm headphone jack is found instead of a standard 3.5mm jack below these buttons. On the right spine is the charger / micro-USB port and at the back of the battery flip is the slot for microSD. There is a 2in internal display which supports 320 x 240 pixels (16.7 million colors) native resolution.

6350 delivers vibrant, vivid colors with jagged graphics at that resolution. There is an easy to use interface for menu and thus various customization options are proffered too. Even the home screen font can be changed with the font size and some of the shortcut icons can be added to the home screen. There is a blushed navigation arrangement which is drudgery. OK button which is at the center has got four-way navigation key in that two are soft keys, talk and power / end buttons, browser shortcut and GPS feature and one for camera shutter.

You can by all means replace the shortcut buttons with what you want, like back dedicated button and for speaker phone. The dialing and texting is easy because of the flat spacious buttons. The backlight of the keys is bright and also the numbers on the keys are large enough which makes the numbers to enter easily. Some of the extraordinary features of this mobile are: phonebook which can hold up to 1000 contacts and which has room for 5 phone numbers entry in a single contact and also a street address, a birthday, 2 emails, a nickname and a formal name, notes, a job title and a company name.

You can even pair the callers with one of the 14 polyphonic ring tones and a video or photo. Additional 250 contacts can be stored in the SIM card. Some of the essential features are: calendar, notepad, vibrate mode, to –do list, calculator, multimedia and text messaging, timer, duplex speakerphone and a stop watch. There is instant messaging, PC syncing, independent speaker voice dialing, and support for AT&T’s push to talk network and USB mass storage found on the higher end. 2.1 Bluetooth feature is included with the file transfer and stereo profiles and this mobile act as a modem.

IMAP4 and POP3 can be accessed via headset and thus emails can be sent through a Web based interface but only thing is that typing should be done on the alphanumeric keypad. Full set of AT&T wireless multimedia broadband service is offered by this 3G phone. Music player which is present in this phone supports variety of file formats and proffers some of the features like equalizer, album art, shuffle, repeat modes, airplane mode and playlists. Even support for music is also got which are a Music ID app, XM Radio, a community section and music videos.

There are various titles offered by this mobile. They are WikiMobile, Weather Channel, currency and unit converter, yellow pages Mobile, MobiTV, world clock, Mobile banking and Juice Caster. Where app can also be included as there is assisted GPS in this 6350 handset. There is a 2MP camera which takes the photos in 3 quality settings and in 4 resolutions. There are also multi shot mode, a self timer, 4x digital zoom, white balance, color effects and brightness control. This can be used as a camcorder where videos can be shot in the standard mode.

The integrated memory is very low about 52MB where only a little can be stored, thus microSD card up to 16GB can be used. Unfortunately, the quality of photo is very much disappointing and there is lots of image noise with dreary colors. The display themes and wallpapers can be personalized. Monopoly, Midnight Bowl, Diner Dash 2 and Worlds Poker Tour demo versions are present in this mobile and full versions of the same can be purchased online. Now coming to the performance of this device, quality of call is fine and satisfying.

There is no interface when the signal is strong and clear but volume is loud and clear. Warble voice is heard sometimes at the other end but it’s not at all a big deal to reject this phone. Not much of background voices are heard even in noisy environment. Even Bluetooth and speakerphone calls are normal. The video quality of streaming is not that much impressive. Slightly the voice and video don’t sync. As there is 3G connection provided with this mobile, downloads are very quick and videos don’t hang because of buffering.

W latest celebrity news ith the external speakers, the music quality is decent but over headphones it’s amazing. The battery life of this device is said to be 4.2hrs talk time and the stand by time is 18 days. There is 5.58hrs of video recording, 5.25hrs of gaming, 5.4hrs of video playback and 25.3hrs of music playback. Some of the cons are that video and photo quality are unsatisfactory and also there is no standard 3.5mm jack for headset. Thus, though this mobile doesn’t render as a multimedia device, it at least has 3G and GPS included in it which is a plus point and also is slim. Next, it’s all your decision to take up on this gadget!

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3 Responses to "Nokia 6350 Review"

  1. Blade CX2 says:

    I had this phone for a while. Although it never left me hanging, it was not my cup of tea. The sounds was DEFINITELY an issue during important calls. It’s really a problem to keep asking someone to repeat themselves during an important call. The battery life on mine wasn’t TERRIBLE, but my Samsung is much better. I’m sure this phone is obsolete by now, but I figured I’d give my honest opinion of it.

  2. Not happy with this phone. Everything said before is true. The sound is too soft, not enough ringtones, Very difficult to understand manual. Battery life is terrible, Blued tooth is intermittent.
    Experts rate this product 73/100 and users 51/100.

  3. Lord Koos says:

    I have owned this phone for a few months, and the longer I own it, the more I dislike it. It is well made physically except for the fact that the back cover comes off too easily, merely handling the phone will sometimes dislodge that back face plate. I do like the slimprofile.

    My gripe with the the software. There is no way to reduce the screen brightness and battery life is not that good. It also takes a long time to charge. In addition, the menus are clunky, there is too much button pushing (too many menu layers) required to perform simple tasks like editing contacts. Also there is no global save function for contacts. The sound quality is also poor, and too quiet. The ring volume must be maxed in order to hear the ring Also it is too easy to accidentally turn on the MP3 player. The speaker on this phone sounds pretty crappy, my old Sony Ericsson was much better and in fact I’ve returned to using my old phone as a result of these annoyances.

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