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Memory Vitamins to feed the brain for better memory

Our body health mainly depends on the food what we take, either it has to do well or sometimes it deteriorates the body. Our everyday food which we take is composed of vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are required to boost up the energy levels of the body and thus it improves the body functioning.


There are certain foods that specially help your brain to function well and to become sharp and to boost up its memory power. Some of the major components that are important for the better memory are:

Antioxidants: these are the best natural supplements that fight against the disease causing and cell damaging free radicals. These antioxidants protect the healthy cells from these harmful radicals especially in the brain region.

Antioxidants work at an optimal level so that memory improves gradually. Good memory is due to the better circulation to the brain , since they prevents the occurrence of the diseases related to blood circulation, it helps to support healthy circulation there by providing good supply of oxygen to the brain. These helpful antioxidants are abundantly present in fruits and vegetables.

Omega 3s: it is one of the essential fatty acid, mostly present in nuts and fishes. It is required in the formation of neurons and the centers for the communication. It plays a great role in building the baby’s brain and its development hence it is essential to have omega acids by a pregnant women and the breast feeding women in good quantity.

Ginkgo Bilba: it is a great ingredient meant for boosting the memory power of the brain. Study shows that it has great thinning properties because of which it helps in improving the blood circulation to the brain. It also helps your body to fight against free radicals that damages your healthy cells.

Folic acid: Folic is present in spinach and other fresh leafy green vegetables. It is also present in beans, whole grains, eggs and some fresh fruits. This folic acid is mainly essential in the development of the brain at early stages and also for the cell growth. It is most recommended for the pregnant women because it is responsible for the good production of new cells and also for promoting tissue growth.

B Vitamins: these vital vitamins are responsible for the overall body development and to maintain the good health. They help us to regulate a healthy blood sugar level, also in the formation of red blood cells and finally boost up the energy level of the body. Some of the important sources of these types of vitamins are eggs, meat, beans and dairy products etc.

These components can promote you the good brain health that clears up the mind and improves the memory. It is also responsible for enhancing the problem solving method and improves the concentration.

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