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LG GM 750 Review

LG GM 750 Review

LG GM 750

Make way for the LG GM 750 which is taking the handset industry by storm. In the view of every other leading handset manufacturer LG seems to continue in the trail of offering smart phones to a huge consumer base. Finally the long wait has come to an end with LG, a leading handset manufacturer unveiled its first ever Windows based smart phone.

Although the standard face of the operating system wont be seen LG seems to have made the most in equipping the phone with the most desirable features that introduces the element of excitement in users’ lives. Sporting a sleek look and improved functionality LG seems to have made the strike.

Design and Display:

The LG GM750 features a 3.0 inch Thin Film Transistor touch screen supporting 65 K colors and featuring 240×400 pixels makes it for a vivid colorful display. It sports resistive touch screen that is less responsive in comparison with capacitive User interface. The front fascia has a glossy finish while the rear panel sports a smooth finished surface.


LG GM750 has conformed to the unspoken rules of smart phones by equipping it with second generation GSM and third generation High Speed Downlink Packet Access. Data transfer takes place through GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB.WLAN characteristic makes the handset an interesting pick.


Equipped with a fine 5 Mega pixel camera embedded with 2592×1944 pixels. Auto focus feature makes the life easier by involving less amount of manual labor. The handset also features video calling.

Generic Traits:

The Smartphone features Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 professional operating system and is armed with Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz processor that enables the handset to run multiplications with lees effort. Standard Lithium-ion battery with a rated talk time of 5 Hrs.

Techno Verdict:

Call quality was satisfactory although Video calling needs a bit tweaking

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19 Responses to "LG GM 750 Review"

  1. Rafi says:

    my lg gm 750 touch is not working

  2. vesel says:

    me  lgm 750 .  shume te mire  e te bukur  ok  

  3. flex says:

    wow thats hell of a device niggahh

  4. Am planning to buy one zis week…so many pros and cons ive heard…i’ll try it myself…seems good specifications..

  5. anna says:

    I always loved LG phones.hey have a very good screen. The camera is very performance. The design is modern.

  6. Stanley says:

    This is a great phone… it onley needs someone wit a IQ of more than 3 to opperate… The internet is altra fast. video calling is fantastick, camera is great, i really dont have any problems with the phone.. best thing i have ever bought.

  7. abdelali says:

    so many proplems.Idont know cod formatage lg gm 750

  8. THadius says:

    This phone was sent to me by satan, it is dreadful. It is difficult to use on all counts. If i put the lock on the screen it never comes off and freezes. I spent 3 weeks on and off the phone to my supplier and still could not set my email or recieve picture texts. I gave it to a friend of mine who is a hero with mobiles and he sent it back with a stick of dinamite strapped to it.

    It now resides in my man draw until i find someone i dislike enough to give as a christmas present….

  9. Ghost Ryder says:

    So many problems, don’t know where to start.
    Freezes, reboots for no reason. Very poor signal and voice quality. Battles to link to gprs. Battles to stay connected to service provider. 10+ missed calls per day even though signal looks good. refuses to link to Wi-Fi, have to use bluetooth. Deletes messages without having read them. If you get 2 messages from the same person one after the other it writes over the first message. Touchscreen doesn’t always respond. When trying to answer a call buttons seem disabled and won’t answer. Ringtone directed to the earpiece on the phone and not to mouthpiece or secondary speaker like on other handsets and PDA’s. Then it rings in your ear (Ouch). Word recogniser is awful. Using keypad with this touchscreen is a nightmare, keeps selecting letter next to the one I want, even-though I have calibrated the screen numerous times. Only one place for this piece of rubbish – The Dustbin.

    • Lepy says:

      I’ve bought it 3 days ago.
      I’m very satisfied with this phone. No problems connecting through wi-fi, no problems with signal. Very good camera. It has very accurate touchscreen. It does whatever i want. IMHO, i think this phone is way better than overpriced Iphone. Only problem is connecting it to PC. It can not be connected as “removable drive” (like old phones) and you can connect it only to windows as i know….My drivers download but when it start to install them there’s some kind of error and it wont sync the phone with Windows mobile center. I really dont know why. I’m taking it to service so they can figure it out. If you put this aside this is BESTBUY! cheers

  10. jendo says:

    Kedy konečne bude dostupný wm 6.5 v sj,alebo cz jazyku???

  11. Ermin says:

    Samo mi se ne svidja ovaj tel sto nije moj!!! :) )))

  12. s says:

    This is a terrible phone, a complete waste of 260 euro. The media file corrupts and the phone won’t even ring after that and then LG wipe their hands of you

  13. jendo says:

    Lg gm 750 je dobrý telefon,len velká škoda,že nemá slovenský,alebo český jazyk. Bude v najbližšej dobe možné získať niekde jazyk zrozumitelný pre slováka do tohto mobilu???

  14. Thiha Soe says:

    Can LG GM750 operate with CDMA 450 MHz SIM card?

  15. sarah says:

    You dont need the stylus pen to use the touch creen…only your finger, the pen is used for drawing

  16. George Abbott says:

    I don’t like the fact that you must use a stylus pen to touch the screen of the LG GM 750. That’s how PDA devices were in around 1996, but I think it is completely cumbersome these days to have to get out a stylus pen to operate your phone.

  17. Randy says:

    will uscellular carry this awsome phone?

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